Visit a Museum From Home

Looking for a way to learn about art without leaving home? Go on a virtual tour of a museum!  

Museums are an important part to a thriving community and a connection to the past. They represent the vitality of communities, both past and present, by bringing our collective heritage to life. The human experience is on full display in galleries of museums all over the world.

For centuries, museums have played a relevant role in the preservation of human history. The first known museum opened in the 3rd century BCE at the University of Alexandria in Egypt. Museums serve as a conduit to understanding civilization by providing us with a deeper perspective and context for our current societal issues.

Like libraries, museums have a unique ability to bring people together of all ages and abilities. They are perfect places to find inspiration and discover worlds once hidden or forgotten. But most of all, museums tell the stories of how our community, country, and world changed over time.

Many museums are offering virtual tours of their collections. These virtual tours are great if you want to stay home and be safe, or just get a preview of what to expect for your next museum visit. Where, or when, will you go today?

The British Museum, London

Go on an interactive, virtual tour of artifacts from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Find out how each piece is connected to the others. A brief description is included with artifacts for you to learn more about the origin, location and related objects from the same time period.

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

Take a virtual tour of The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History starting with the Charles McGee sculpture at the entrance. Get a 360-degree panoramic view through each featured exhibit, and follow the arrows to proceed through the gallery. This virtual tour is unnarrated, but you’ll get a sense of what it’s like to walk through the exhibits.

Detroit Institute of Arts: See the DIA at Home

See the DIA at Home is a great way to learn about the art pieces at the DIA without leaving your home. The "Art Talks with the Curators" video series describes how local artwork found a home in the DIA’s collections. Many of these pieces are part of Detroit history. "Art Bytes" are student-friendly collections of videos, where DIA-gallery teachers discuss their favorite works of art at the DIA. To get a behind-the-scenes tour, go to the "Conservator’s Corner". This video series describes the care and restoration of the DIA’s artwork. Want to make art? "Art at Home" is a series of videos that illustrate how you can create your own art project. Get inspired with your family of artists by using everyday items found around the house.

Canton Public Library

Go on a virtual art walk at CPL and discover the variety of art pieces generously donated or commissioned for the library. Learn about each piece in the familiar spaces around our building. You might be surprised by how much artwork we have. Can you find the oldest piece or the most newly acquired? Which one is your favorite?

The Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village is located in Dearborn, MI. It is the largest complex combining both historical and living collections in the United States. Almost 100 historic buildings are arranged in a village setting. Founder and industrialist, Henry Ford, began collecting historical artifacts in 1906. You can take virtual tours of the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation using Google Maps technology. Each selection gives a 360-degree view of specific artifacts located within the museum.  

The Holocaust Center: Inside the Glass Case

"Inside the Glass Case" offers educational videos, survivor testimonies, photos, lesson plans, and other resources that will engage, educate, and empower you and your family. The historic artifacts tell a story and gives virtual visitors a deeper understanding of survival and hope during a dark time in history.

The Louve Virtual Tours, Paris

France’s most famous museum offers virtual tours of the Petite Galleries available to peruse for free— and a plane ticket to Paris is not needed! Follow the arrows to get a panoramic view around the galleries, and travel from the ancient world to the modern era. Descriptions, if present, are in French.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

New York City is home to some of the nation’s finest museums, but The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a gem. It’s also the largest museum in the Western Hemisphere. The Met's permanent collection contains over 2 million works of art. This virtual tour showcases some of the best artwork from around the world. 

Michigan Activity Pass

The Michigan Activity Pass is a partnership between the state’s 400 public libraries and hundreds of Michigan’s state parks, historic sites, cultural attractions, campgrounds and recreational areas. The program is designed to enhance the learning experience for people of all ages and to provide reduced cost or complimentary access to arts, cultural, and outdoor organizations across the state of Michigan. Check out a pass with your Canton Public Library card today. 

The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Go on a virtual walk through the world of Vincent Van Gogh. Explore his masterpieces in the online collection, watch virtual tours on YouTube, and read about Van Gogh’s extraordinary life and work.

The Vatican Museum, Vatican City

Take a panoramic virtual tour of one of the world’s most visited museums, The Vatican. The museum displays the vast collection of priceless works of Catholic and Roman art dating back to 1506. Visit the grandeur of Raphael’s Rooms, the divine Sistine Chapel, or the breath-taking sculptures of the New Wing.