Thorndyke’s Portal to Sit Spots

Hey Parents, 

Today we will be talking about a Sit Spot extension, as found in Rachel Tidd's Wild Learning. Beginning a Sit Spot practice is a great way to limit screen time and extend your child's outdoor learning. A Sit Spot is a place where your child can comfortably relax and enjoy nature. Locations I enjoy are tree roots, park benches, front stoops and patios. The library has some lovely outdoor areas to investigate and observe too, like our Wings of Wonder Butterfly Garden. 

Each location your child chooses should allow them uninterrupted time to reflect and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Here are some suggested supplies and activities for you to try.


  • Notebook or plain paper sketchbook
  • Pencil 
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing for sitting outside


Ask your child to sit outdoors and observe for five minutes, then ask them some questions. 

  1. Did your feelings about the outdoor space change over the time you observed?
  2. Do you feel more relaxed now?
  3. Did your mind wander or did it focus on something?
  4. How did it feel to take a few moments alone in nature? 
  5. What animals, plants and objects did you notice?

After these probing questions, ask your child to draw a picture or map of their Sit Spot and what they saw today. Alternatively, have them write a journal entry about their experience. 

Try to incorporate a Sit Spot activity with your kids as often as it works for your family. Can you handle it once a month, or maybe during your weekly trips to the library? Winter is almost over, so get outside today and try out this fun extension of your child's learning. 

Bear Hugs,