Thorndyke’s Portal to Gratitude

Hey Kids,

Do you ever feel really glad about someone or something in your life? I have a lot of time to think, and I think a lot about how grateful I am for a warm shelf where I rest, for all the friendly faces I see each day, and for all the cool things I learn from books and people around me.

But sometimes I forget all those things and am consumed by grumpiness that my hat is covering my eyes, or I’m weighed down by anxiety over losing my shoe. On days like that, I like to do two things that help me remember that the world can be a pretty amazing place.

The first one is easy. All I need is a small piece of paper and something to write with. Sticky notes are especially good. I write down a compliment, or think of someone special and share how much they mean to me, then leave the note where they will find it. Small pictures work to brighten someone’s day, too.

I also like to focus on what makes me happy, even the little things. I do this one in many different ways. Sometimes I write everything down in a list. Sometimes I just think about things I’m happy about, one at a time. If I’m feeling very creative, I will write down all my happy thoughts on leaf-shaped paper and then make them into a tree or wreath. If you spend time with your family, everyone could make some leaves for a gratitude tree.

One thing for sure, I’m most grateful for all of you. Your visits to the library make each day better.

Bear hugs,


For more ways to think about being grateful and appreciating the world around you, watch this CreativeBug class, available to those with a Canton Public Library card.