There’s a Poem in This Place

National Poetry Month is held each year in April to celebrate poetry’s impressive ability to capture creativity in the human mind. It’s a time to celebrate poets and poetry around the world. Reading and writing poetry is a fantastic way to sharpen your brain with insight and observations. It is also a great outlet and tool for self-expression.

Exploring poetry can be extremely satisfying as it covers a wide variety of topics—like nature, animals, school, family, food and holidays to name a few. It also comes in many different forms and can range from three words to three pages. Poetry can be intentional and thoughtful, or funny and playful.

The library offers a wide assortment of poetry books for all ages, so take some time to explore the endless varieties. Enjoy these poetry equations for spring:

"warmth + light = alarm clock"

"maple trees x buckets + boiling = sticky smile"

From Snowman – Cold = Puddle by Laura Purdie Salas, illustrated by Micha Archer

Four Seasons of Poetry

As the end of winter draws near, enjoy some vivid poetry that will take you right into your favorite season.

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