Stupendous Stationary: Our Favorite Office Supplies

Our staff members shared their favorite types of stationery and office supplies that they use to help them get things done… while inserting a little joy in the process!

Lindsey K., a Youth Librarian, shared that she loves different colors of pens: “I use the different colors to organize my to-do list. That way I can look at my to-do and quickly figure out if my week will be mostly meetings or mostly creativity.”

Alyssa Y., an Adult Librarian, loves a refillable pen made of stainless steel. “I like that it uses less plastic than other options,” she says. Alyssa also loves pocket-sized notebooks for writing quick ideas and to-do lists, and A5-sized notebooks for carrying in a bag or purse. 

Amy L., an Adult Librarian, uses fine-point gel pens: “The reason is that my handwriting is awful, and using a fine-tipped pen actually helps with legibility.” She also recommends adding a little fun to your stationery. “I love bright, happy, pretty folders, pads of ‘to-do’ list paper, sticky notes, and pads of lined paper. They all make my life so much better and the prettier, the better.”

Katerli B., Circulation Services Department Head & Interim Information Services Department Head, recommends a quick-drying medium-point gel pen with a cap that stands up to fidgeting, and a pocket-sized blank notebook that fits easily in a pants pocket. 

Rachel K., a Substitute Librarian, likes a thick-point gel pen: “Best pens ever. Smooth ink. Sharp tip. Flows out perfectly."

Jack V., Youth Librarian Manager, loves supplies both practical and fun: “I love a good binder clip, and they are great for keeping thick stacks of paper securely together.” He also loves bright-colored sticky notes: “They add a bit of pizazz to boring note-writing and can work great when you need to color-code what you’re writing.”

Colleen O., Adult Librarian, fondly remembers the supplies from her childhood: “I used to love erasers, especially the little pink ones. I liked the smell of them. Also, the four-color big pen! Four pens in one was such a novel idea when it came out.”

Erin M., a Technical Processing Assistant, loves reliability and comfort in her pens, particularly if they’re fine tip.

What do you look for in your stationery? Feel free to share below!