Sleigh the Holidays: Gift Hacks

Though it can be the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays can be stressful. They are also expensive and wasteful. From excessive spending on gifts, decor and holiday parties, to planning and preparation, Americans throw away a whopping 25% more garbage during this time.

Worried about your family's footprint or finances this season? Fret not. With our hot holiday gifting hacks below, you can save your green while going greener at the same time. 

Make homemade health, cleaning or beauty products instead of buying from large retail stores. You can save money and be more eco-friendly with these personalized gift ideas.

Kids' crafts for gifts. Who doesn’t love adorable handmade gifts from children? See some recommended books below or look around the house for ideas to create handmade gifts for family and friends. One easy project idea is these ceramic tile coasters. All you need is clear decoupage, some images, and a little bit of time and creativity to make custom coasters for your squad. 

Gift your favorite books, a cozy pair of socks and a snazzy mug for a delightful personal gift of comfort and joy. Check out the Secondhand Prose Bookstore run by the Friends of the Canton Public Library to support the library and the environment by purchasing like-new and gently used books. 

Make some pantry stable meals to give to those who might enjoy them. While you're at it, make few bonus meals for those busy nights when cooking is a chore, so you don’t have to waste money and calories ordering or grabbing fast food. 

Gratitude jars are a great way to curb consumerism and create a truly meaningful gift. All you need is a nice jar with a lid (use a recycled one and decorate to be extra eco-conscious), some nice paper and a writing utensil. Cut the paper into 20 or more strips and write down reasons why that person is important to you, your favorite song lyrics, memories of the person, compliments, inspirational quotes, jokes, and more for them to pull out and read anytime they miss you. This idea is a huge success with grandparents and out-of-state family and friends.

Check online for services that allow for a custom message to be sent to your loved one. There are several websites that can connect you to a celebrity of your choice for a personalized greeting, such as Cameo. Choose from actors, comedians, YouTube and TikTok creators, musicians, public speakers, athletes and more across every budget ($3 and up) to create a special greeting or video message. 

For more ideas on how to create additional eco-friendly holiday gifts, check below to see what you can use your Canton Public Library card to access.

Of course, we always have plenty of books available for nearly every crafting and DIY interest: 

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