Seasonal Anime: Winter 2023

Seasonal anime air in three-month time frames: winter, from January to March; spring, from April to June; summer, from July to September; and fall, from October to December. 

Many shows airing in the same season will start the same week and run for 12 weeks, leaving a one week break between seasons. Seasonal anime tend to have 12-, 13-, 24- or 26-episode seasons. 

In the case of 12- and 24-episode seasons, these shows will air for 12 weeks at a time with 24-episode seasons being broken up between two 12-episode cores. These cores will air in back-to-back seasons. Thirteen- or 26-episode seasons will air a week early or continue a week late.

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Winter 2023 Anime and Manga Tie-ins

Check out these manga selections to get ahead of their anime counterparts that will air in winter 2023. MeL interloan will allow you to borrow physical copies of manga from other libraries. You can also check out digital copies of manga on Comics Plus. Both of these services require a Canton Public Library card to access.

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