On October 3rd, He Asked Me What Day It Was

Mean Girls, released in 2004, was an instant hit with both moviegoers and critics for its over-the-top depiction of teen life and cutting humor. In the years since, the movie has attained cult status, remaining an endlessly quotable and beloved comedy. Nowadays, folks celebrate October 3 as unofficial Mean Girls Day.

Why that day? In one semi-throwaway scene, Cady’s crush Aaron asks her what day it is. She responds, “It’s October 3rd” and a holiday was born. But how can you best celebrate Mean Girls Day?

  • Wear pink, of course!
  • DIY your own Burn Book, but instead of dissing your friends, use it as a gratitude journal
  • Make “fetch” happen. Use this supposed English slang to mean “cool” or “awesome.” Or play fetch with your dog.
  • Go shopping. The mall is the place to be for Plastics and non-Plastics alike.
  • Have a three-way call with your BFFs

You can also check out one of the materials below for the best possible Mean Girls experience.

Mean Girls Day

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