Listen & Watch Your Way to an Informed Midterm Election

The 2022 midterm elections loom large. You want to be an informed voter, but the issues and partisan bickering overwhelm the discourse. What to do?

First, familiarize yourself with local and state election information. Many of the following organizations post on social media, which offers a handy reminder to check your registration status and look into the issues. Starting with the most local, get to know your Clerks and Secretary of State. These sites feature a ton of practical information on the bureaucratic side of elections.

Then, prepare to investigate the issues by committing to:

Finally, dive into the issues. Listen to some of these informative, non-partisan podcasts to stay up to date on the latest political news:

  • PBS NewsHour: PBS NewsHour is one of the most respected news programs on television and widely admired for their journalistic standards. They offer a diverse selection of news podcasts, including a politics-specific podcast that updates every Monday.
  • FiveThirtyEight: Statistics, polling, and electoral math aren’t usually the most exhilarating topics, but the team at FiveThirtyEight is committed to presenting numbers and data-driven political analysis in a fun and accessible manner. Their podcast features math-based deep dives into issues and elections that won’t make your eyes glaze over.
  • Inside Politics: Election 2022: NPR is another well respected news organization with a well-regarded selection of podcasts. In addition to their regular politics podcast, they are also producing this program specific to the 2022 midterm elections.
  • WDET’s MichMash: Unjumbling Michigan Politics: Detroit’s NPR station, WDET, produces this Michigan-specific podcast that digs into local issues. Listen for the latest scoop on statewide issues.
  • League of Women Voters Washtenaw County: “The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan, voter education organization encouraging informed, active participation in government.” This podcast from a local chapter features analysis and discussion of local issues.
  • The Brown Girls Guide to Politics: This podcast offers analysis and interviews with a particular non-partisan goal in mind: encouraging women of color to get more involved in the political process. Even if you don’t count yourself a member of this demographic, BGG's unique perspective and commentary is valuable and illuminating.
  • MIRS Monday Podcast: “Michigan’s Longest Running State Public Policy Podcast” offers in-depth analysis of local happenings. This podcast is for those who really like getting into the weeds about policy details.

A few more non-podcast resources to keep your eye on:

  • C-Span: With live streams of press briefings, legislative sessions, and more, C-Span is the primary source when it comes to politics.
  • Vote411: Another resource from The League of Women Voters, take a look at this website to find out what’s on your ballot as well as information about issues and candidates.
  • Ballotpedia: Find out what will be on your ballot and other information, including committee assignments and key votes on bills for incumbent candidates.

Canton Public Library is committed to the values of democracy and supporting an informed and involved electorate. We hope these resources can be useful to you this election season, and please stop by the Reference Desk if you have more questions. Our librarians are always happy to help!