Is Winter Over Yet?

The days are lengthening and the vernal equinox is almost upon us. What are the signs you look for that tell you warmer weather is ahead? What are the things you do to prepare for or celebrate the return of spring? Here is a checklist to keep busy as spring returns to Michigan.

Signs of Spring Checklist

  1. Spot early blooming flowers like daffodils or crocus. Check out this wildflower field guide to get started. 
  2. Put on a raincoat and boots or grab an umbrella and enjoy a spring rain shower.
  3. Daylight Savings Time begins: make sure to spring your clocks forward one hour. 
  4. See if you can find leaf buds on trees. 
  5. Make your March Madness basketball bracket.
  6. Learn what "Vernal Equinox" means. 
  7. Listen for birds that you haven't heard all winter. This guide to Michigan birds can help you get started. 
  8. Go searching for frogspawn
  9. Learn about which animals in Michigan hibernate
  10. Find a lamb-cam and prepare to watch the spring lambs arrive. 
  11. Check out a book about spring or the seasons.

Spring Reads for Kids

Say hello to springtime with a good book. Give one of these a try.

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