Intro to Audiobooks

Canton Public Library users have access to a wide range of audiobook titles across multiple formats. These books are read out loud and recorded by one or more professional readers or actors. You may have heard of books on tape, BCDs, or Libby. The library no longer offers books on tape format, but you can still find audiobooks to listen to on CD. We have even more books to listen to through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Take a look at this breakdown of audiobook options at CPL.

  • BCDs - BCDs or Books on CD are available in the library to check out and take home. You can play these CDs on a CD player at home or use a player in your car.
  • MP3 - The library carries some titles on an MP3 CD. These CDs are only compatible on some CD players and are primarily used with computers.
  • Libby - This audiobook service offers the newest titles to stream and download. Titles can be checked out for 21 days at a time. After 21 days, the title will be automatically returned. If a title is already checked out, you can add yourself to a hold list. The app has many other features including email notifications, speed modification, and a sleep timer. Libby can also be used for reading e-books and e-magazines. You must be a Canton resident to access this service.
  • Hoopla - This digital service offers a wide range of media including audiobooks. Check out Hoopla's vast selection of nonfiction and classic titles. Unlike Libby, you can borrow materials at any time without holds, however, you are restricted to 20 checkouts per month. You must be a Canton resident to access this service.