International Games Week

International Games Week (IGW) is a weeklong gaming event that libraries all over the world participate in. IGW celebrates the educational, recreational and social value of gaming. In 2021, IGW takes place from November 7-13. To participate, complete any of the suggested gaming activities below with friends or a family member. Games come in many different types and formats, so pick your favorite or try something new.

Word games are a great way to challenge your brain, practice English, develop new vocabulary and improve your writing skills. 

Mad Libs is a classic pen and paper game that has players fill in blanks to a story they can’t see. Once all the words are selected, the story is read with hilarious results. This game teaches components of language and is recommended for players aged 7 and up. 

Crossword puzzles are another classic pen and paper game that has players answering clues to fill out a word puzzle. This game tests your trivia and spelling knowledge. Crossword puzzles can be a group activity by completing one puzzle together, or you can race against another player. The Washington Post has an excellent collection of Crossword Puzzles. 

Scrabble is a classic board game that has players use tiles to spell out words. This game is a great way to learn new words. Use this Scrabble Word Finder to find new words for the more challenging tiles. 

Card games are compact games that can test your problem solving and math skills. 

Euchre is a classic Michigan game that is played with a standard playing card deck. You can find the rules of how to play here

Uno is a classic card game that can be played with 2 to 10 players. Each person takes a turn playing a card with the same color or symbol as the previous card. The winner is the first person to play all their cards. 

Sushi Go is a 2 to 5 player game that has players create sushi combos for points. This is a very quick and easy game to play for aged 8 and up.

Video games are a great way to connect with others. From your couch to across the world, there are many different ways to play video games with friends and family. 

Mario Kart is a classic Nintendo racing game. This game features local and online multiplayer options for up to 12 players on Nintendo Switch. Mario Kart is a great game for all ages to play. 

Just Dance is a popular dancing game for Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo game systems. Follow the dancer on the screen using your phone or controller with up to 6 players locally. Just Dance is a great game to get the wiggles out. 

Minecraft is a popular exploration and building game for all ages. This game is a great outlet for creativity and adventure while hanging out with friends. Minecraft is available for PC, mobile, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo game systems. 

Overcooked is a cooperative 2 player cooking game. You must work together to create food dishes in a timely manner in order to complete levels. This game is great for improving teamwork and communication skills. 

Board games are a classic game night activity that can be played with friends and family.

Chess continues to be a very popular board game thanks to Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. This strategy game has straightforward rules on how each piece can move but complex strategies for winning. You can play online with friends on Lichess or

Clue is the classic “who done it?” type of board game where you must solve a murder mystery. Players must determine the room, weapon, and murderer to win the game. 

Ticket to Ride is a board game where players collect railway routes across North America. This train-themed game is quick to learn and requires strategy to win. Make your own board game at home using one of the featured print and play games. 

Pandemic Hot Zone by Z-Man games is the shorter and lighter version of the original Pandemic board game. 

Mint Cooperative by Five24 Labs is a mint-themed hero game that is designed to fit into an Altoids tin. 

Asmodee games has many print and play options on their website including Catan and Dixit

What is your favorite game to play? Do you prefer the classic board games or video games?