Meet Erin From Waltonwood

In Your Neighborhood is a series highlighting the wonderful people who live and work here in Canton. Visit our Canton Connections page each month to learn more about the people who make your community a great place to be.

Erin is not a resident of Canton, but she may as well be.

Born and raised in nearby Plymouth, Michigan, she attended Canton High School and has worked in the community for the last 17 years as a Life Enrichment Manager at Waltonwood Carriage Park, a senior living center. There, she provides seniors with opportunities to pursue their passions, as well as a diverse range of activities.

Before Waltonwood, she worked at the Plymouth Inn Senior Community for 10 years. Her helpful nature is simply a part of who she is, evidenced by the fact that she has a degree in Child Development from Madonna University and spent her early career as a private preschool teacher.

When Erin is not working, gardening and being of service to others are her go-to hobbies. She’s not much of a traveler but enjoys all the activities offered in Canton.

Growing up during a time when parts of the township were still farmland, Erin continues to be awed by the community’s transformation. She might be one of the only people who loves Ford Road. “It’s convenient,” she says, “if you can handle the traffic—because there is so much at your fingertips!”

Canton’s free summer concerts and the Village Theatre are some of her other favorite aspects of the area. Still, she does miss some of the activities she experienced while growing up. “I miss the old hay rides and campfires, and the old pumpkin farm off of Ford Road,” she recalls. The township is different nowadays, but she still loves it all the same.

Erin enjoys working in Canton and with the people she’s able to help, but what she loves most is her family. She has five children, four boys and one girl with her late husband, Mark, and six grandchildren. Two of them are 10-month-old twin girls. “I always wanted twins and am enjoying every minute,” she says. With a growing family and a job she enjoys, Erin is certainly living her best life.