I Got a Hold Notice, But I’m Out of Town…

You saw an item you wanted. You placed a hold. And finally, today, you got the notice that your long-awaited item is ready to be picked up. Sweet! But then you realize… you are out of town, and won’t be back until after your hold expires.

Don’t worry! You have options.

Option 1: Give us a call at 734-397-0999. Depending on when you plan to return, we may be able to check it out and hold it at the Check Out Desk for you.

Option 2: Did you authorize one or more individuals on your account? If so, the authorized person can check out your item for you by presenting their photo ID at the Check Out Desk.

Option 3: You can cancel your hold and place a new hold on that item. You can do that by logging into your account online, going to the holds section of your account dashboard, and clicking “cancel” on the item in question. You can also call us, and we can cancel and replace the hold for you.

Super-user tip: To prevent this from happening again, you can keep your place in the hold queue if you "pause" your holds before you go out of town.  

To pause your holds, log into your account online, go to the holds section of your account dashboard, and click the blue “Pause Hold” button next to each of your items to temporarily suspend—or pause—your hold requests.

You can un-pause your holds a couple of days before or shortly after you return home to resume your place in the queue. To un-pause, go back to the hold in your account and select the “Resume Hold” button.