Got Snow? Level Up Your Sledding Game

Are you or your kids desperate for some winter fun? Why not go sledding while there’s snow on the ground?

Don’t have a sled? You can borrow one from the Canton Sled Library. Located on the east side of Summit on the Park (46000 Summit Parkway) on any day when snow is on the ground between December 1 and March 31, anyone is free to do as the sign says: “Use a sled! Have fun! Return when you are done!”.

Conveniently enough, the hill on this side of the Summit is already a popular sledding location, so feel free to bring the kids and enjoy it with your own sleds or some borrowed ones when there is snow on the ground. This service has been made available to the public for free by Canton Leisure Services for several years, along with all the other great activities and events the Summit on the Park has to offer.

Looking for more sledding fun? There are several exciting sledding hills in our area, with some popular options including the Plymouth Township Park Sled Hill (46640 W Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth), the Cass Benton Park Sledding Hill (18418 Northville Rd, Northville) and Middlebelt Hill (28558-29252 Edward N Hines Dr, Westland). You’ll have to bring your own sleds if you want to visit other parks, however, as the sleds from the Canton Sled Library shouldn’t be removed from Heritage Park.