Game On: Board Gamers League of Canton

A Board Game for Everyone

Do you love playing board games, or maybe you’ve heard people rave about the hobby and want to learn more? Whatever your level of interest or expertise, there is a group that meets here at the Canton Public Library that can help you learn more—The Board Gamers League of Canton. Read on to learn more and find out if this is the group for you.

So, what is the Board Gamers League of Canton all about? Chelle and Dave, who organize and run the group, tell us that they are mostly focused on getting together to play board games of all sorts, but they also work to make board gaming more accessible by creating a space where people can explore the hobby without having to spend a lot of money. They are able to make this happen by pooling the collections of all of their members.

“Often our members attend gaming conventions and bring back games that may not be locally available yet,” Chelle says. “It also helps make gaming accessible to those who cannot afford to build and maintain their own gaming library by providing somewhere to play at no cost.”

All About the Board Gamers League of Canton 

The League has been meeting at the library for many years. Founded in 2009, they had been planning their 10th anniversary when the pandemic first hit, and despite that setback they have returned to their regular meeting schedule—the first Saturday of every month at CPL, with around 30 regular members and plenty of room for more.

They also have a Facebook page for the group, appropriately named B.L.O.C (Board Gamers League of Canton), if you’d like to check them out online before showing up to a meeting.

When asked about her favorite games, Chelle laughs and says, “Dave jokes that every game I play is my favorite. Personally, I enjoy Azul. It’s a simple enough mechanic to learn but takes a combination of skill and luck to win." Some of her other favorites include Betrayal at the House on the Hill and Mysterium, both games that focus on storytelling. 

Aside from showing up and playing games together, many members assist Chelle and Dave with set up and teardown in the physical space, usually our Community Room, but there are no official duties or responsibilities and the meetings are all about having fun.

Chelle emphasizes that anyone is welcome to join, regardless of budget or prior experience. "New members just have to show up to play!” she says. 

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by the next meeting to try out a game, meet new friends, and have a whole lot of fun.