Check My Account by Text

You can use Shoutbomb to manage a variety of aspects of your account by using specific keywords.

Once you have signed up for text messaging, you can text any of these commands to 833-568-7876 to interact with your account. You can text using Shoutbomb at any time of the day, even if the library is closed. 

  • ra – Request to renew all eligible items.
  • hl – Request a list of your items on hold.
  • addcard – Add additional library cards to your text message notices.
  • addemail – Request to update your profile with an email address.
  • dropcard – Remove one or more additional cards linked to your account.
  • dropemail – Update your profile by deleting your email.
  • help – Request detailed descriptions of how to use each keyword.
  • ioweu – Request your current total of fees for each library card.
  • mybooks – View the status of all your library items.
  • mycards – Request a list of all library cards registered to your phone.
  • quit – Turn off the text messaging service.
  • resend – Resend the last message from Shoutbomb.
  • signup – Register for text messaging service.
  • switchphone – If you have changed your phone or phone number.
  • test – Test your connection to Shoutbomb.
  • holds – Toggle notices for holds on or off (this is automatically on when you register).
  • renew – Toggle notices for renewals on or off (this is automatically on when you register).
  • fees – Toggle notices for fees added to your account (this is automatically off when you register).