Changing Science

Most of us are aware that science has changed. Some past ideas just seem crazy—for example, did you know petroleum was briefly used as a health tonic? It can be hard to keep up.

Test your knowledge with the questions below, then click "Submit" for the answers and some resources to help keep you in the know.

Changing Science

The Brontosaurus was briefly considered to be a baby ______, before scientists realized that it really was its own separate species after all?
Is Pluto a planet?
Are eggs good for you or bad for you?
Which of these practices is no longer recommended?
What causes earthquakes?
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Each link above is to a list of e-books and audiobooks, plus several podcast recommendations.

And, finally, a bonus podcast recommendation for general science lovers: Ologies is fantastic and funny, and also comes in a pint-sized version for those short on time.