Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month, but don’t let the calendar stop you from enjoying these fantastic titles any time.

For most of our country's history, the experiences of Indigenous folks have been ignored and erased, but now more of their stories are shared. From fictional novels to memoirs and nonfiction accounts, these books bring to light Indigenous stories, experiences and perspectives.

Children’s Recommendations

Native American Stories: Chapter Books – These titles are geared towards middle grade students but may be of wider interest to those looking for Indigenous stories.

Native American Stories: Early Readers – Take a look at these stories featuring Native Americans written by Indigenous authors, whose tribal affiliation is noted. These titles are geared towards early elementary readers.

Teen Recommendations

Teen Reads for Native American Heritage Month – From fiction to nonfiction, poetry, prose and graphic novels, these stories offer a window into the lives and history of Indigenous Americans.

Adult Recommendations

Authors to Note for Native American Heritage Month – Take a look at the works of Indigenous authors, some long-careered and others recently published. Dive into their back catalog or be on the lookout for their next releases.

Great Reads for Native American Heritage Month – Learn about the impact of Indigenous Americans on modern America, from cuisine to environmental policy, and the enduring culture of First Nations.

Indigenous Authors – These individuals have written novels, poetry, essays and more about their lived experiences as members of their ancestral cultural groups; writing about the plight they and others like them have faced and continue to face.

13 Must-Listen-to E-audiobooks by Native American Authors – Whether you're looking for historical fiction, fantasy or humor, these books by Indigenous authors have it all. All of the titles are available as audiobooks through hoopla or Libby.