Celebrate Mystery Month

There's always room for a good mystery in your reading repertoire, and what better time to pick one up than National Mystery Month in May. These lists of whodunnit reads are sure to satisfy your inner sleuth.

Children’s Recommendations

Meddling Middle Schoolers – Have you ever found yourself in a dangerous situation because you couldn't help but meddle? These middle schoolers certainly have. 

Mystery for Kids – With these great mysteries, see if you can try to solve the crime right along with the characters. These titles are recommended for second grade readers.

Teen Recommendations

Mysteries and Thrillers for Teens – Looking for a spine-tingling whodunit? How about a fast-paced thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat? These titles are chock full of suspense, cliffhangers and a-ha moments.

Mystery Manga – Can you solve the mystery before our main characters do? These manga selections are filled with cases of everyday mysteries to deep, complex puzzles.

YA Mysteries: New Classics – Check out these best-selling, popular and fun YA mystery and thrillers published since 2000.

Twelve YA Mysteries You Won’t Be Able to Put Down – Dig through the clues, the suspects and the unknown at the center of these thrilling YA novels—and don't be fooled by the red herrings.        

Adult Recommendations

The Best of Sherlock Holmes – Want more Sherlock? These books expand the Holmesian universe with new mysteries, stories starring his friends and relatives, and re-imaginings that take Doyle's ideas for a spin through other genres.

Cooking with Cozy Mysteries – Solve a murder and also whip up a dish to pass? Only possible with a cozy mystery. Bon Appetit!

Cozy Mysteries to Curl Up With – Grab a mug of your favorite hot drink, a blanket, and curl up in a chair by the fire with one of these comfy mysteries.        

Dark Academia E-book Titles – Mysteries and secrets, twists and turns. You'll love these dark academia e-books that you can download right onto your device.            

Death and Texas – In this world, nothing is certain except death and... Texas? Dive into one of these mystery audiobooks that feature whodunnits in the Lone Star State.

Deceptively Duplicitous – Twists, turns, second guessing, and above all, lies. If you love not quite trusting your characters, these books are for you.

Love Can Be Killer – If you love a little bit of murder with a dash of romance, then these titles might just be for you.               

Mystery for Everyone – We’ve got a mystery story for everyone, whether you like cozy small-town mysteries or gritty police procedurals. Check out some of these great titles.

Mystery for True Crime Fans – Mixing the best of both worlds, this list has all the mystery fiction any true crime fan could dream of.

Nordic Noir: Scandinavian Thrillers – Bleak landscapes, gruesome crime scenes and despondent detectives who must catch a killer before the case gets colder.             

The Poisoned Pen: Murder Mysteries – These favorite poisoning whodunnits feature murder most foul, but without a spot of blood.   

Summer Thrillers and Chillers – These suspenseful e-book tales are about idyllic places where horrible things happen. They'll have you on the edge of your lounge chair.            

True Crime Adaptations – Check out a true crime book that has been adapted to TV or film. These titles are all available digitally through either hoopla or Libby.