Canton Women’s Clubs

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Making new friends and connections, taking walks, discussing books, doing crafts and meeting for food, right in your own community. Sounds fun? Yes! Hard to do? It can be.

However, studies show that social connections for women are important and worth the effort. Luckily, if you are a woman here in Canton, you’ve got a couple of women’s social groups to help you make those connections. 

Canton Newcomers and Neighbors

Canton Newcomers and Neighbors celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022 and is still going strong. They meet the first Wednesday of every month at the Sunflower Village Homes clubhouse, and membership is $35 per year.

Welcoming women from Canton and other neighboring communities, they are a busy group with lots of activities. The club hosts lunch and dinner groups, a book club, game groups including Mexican dominoes and bunco, a movie interest group and various social nights. They also have fundraisers and a yearly auction.

Interested? Find more details here.

Canton Women’s Group

The Canton Women’s Group began in 2020 when its founder, Renee, moved to the community. The loneliness of facing a pandemic in a new place without the support of close family and friends motivated her to create a Facebook group where women could communicate online as well as meet up in person. The result is a group with over 1,900 members and an active calendar.

Interest groups include a book club, a walking club, weekly coffee meetups, crafting, fundraisers and more.

For more information, join the group on Facebook