American Adventures Month

Started by spokesman and adventurer Peter Kulkkula, American Adventures Month is celebrated in August and encourages everyone to explore American lands. While visiting all of the forests and parks in the United States would take well over a single month, you could plan just one trip to start your journey and map out more adventures from there. Or, maybe you’d like to plan a destination vacation and enjoy the scenery along the way. Any way you do it, make it your own and be sure to send the library a postcard while you’re away.


One of the best and most authentic ways to explore is by camping, either in a tent or an R.V. According to the KOA 2022 North American Camping Report, camping accounted for 40% of all leisure trips in 2021, and 93.8 million North American households considered themselves campers. Whether they were happy campers or not often has much to do with how prepared they were!  For some excellent ideas before you hit the road, check out our blog which has book suggestions and tips for camping, glamping, outdoor cooking and hiking. 

Explore National, State and Metro Parks

In 1912, James Bryce, the British ambassador to the United States, said “The national park is the best idea America ever had.” Over 100 years later, people around the world still agree and the number of visitors to the national park system between 2008 and 2020 was 237 million. Exploring all 417 parks would take many trips, so why not start with ones here in Michigan? Don’t forget to stamp your National Parks Passport

In addition to national parks, Michigan has many State Parks and Huron-Clinton Metroparks to explore, so you never have to travel far to enjoy nature. Be sure to check out a Michigan Activity Pass (MAP) for free access to some of the parks.

Take a Hike

Although visiting a national park is a wonderful goal, perhaps exploring the woodlands and nature preserves closer to home is a more realistic trip for this year. If that’s the case, you’re in luck.  There are a number of wonderful walking trails in Southeast Michigan, and some are right here in Canton, so your adventure is right around the corner. For more trails to discover, be sure to download AllTrails' handy app.

Take a Road Trip

Exploring America by car is an iconic and classic way to discover new places and enjoy the scenery along the way. What’s even more fun is a destination vacation or a quest to find the best of a certain category. For example, following an ice cream trail through Michigan might be just the thing for anyone with a sweet tooth. Or maybe you’re on the hunt for the perfect burger and a drive through the mitten is a bonus. From baseball road trips to Presidential Libraries, your excursion is only limited by your imagination. For more ideas, be sure to check out Fodor’s Best Road Trips in the USA

Need some more inspiration? The library has lots of books that might help. Happy trails to you!

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