10 Small Steps Towards Your “New” You

New habits stick through small, attainable steps. Use resources from our online databases in small ways for your self-improvement and exploration endeavors. We offer many online resources from classes to movies to recipes, and so much more. New year, new you, new favorite online tool.

Many of our online resources and databases require a Canton Public Library card to access. Don't have one? Visit our Card & Account page to get started. 

1. Set Reading Goals

Get in the reading spirit this new year with Novelist Plus, which can help you find your next great read. You can find read-alikes for some of your favorite books, as well as explore tons of book genres and moods to find just the right book for how you’re feeling at the moment.

You can also sign up for Dear Reader, which will deliver a small section of a book to your email inbox every day so you can get a taste of a book before deciding to read it. 

2. Get Creative

Crafting has a calming effect on the mind that is similar to meditation. Relax, celebrate winter and stay warm with these crafts from Creativebug. Logging in with your Canton Public Library card gives you access to thousands of arts and crafts video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists.

3. Learn a New Language

Find new ways to express yourself in a different language through Mango Languages. Mango offers interactive lessons on Levantine Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Latin American Spanish. Each lesson introduces you to grammar concepts and provides vocabulary lists focused on daily use. In addition, Pronunciator is another fun and free way to learn any one of 163 languages with personalized courses you can work on at your own pace.

4. Get Active

Exercising does not have to be intimidating. Finding the exercise style that suits your stamina will encourage you to exercise more frequently. Take a class with GetSetUp to find a new way to exercise. GetSetUp offers different types of live virtual exercise classes, from tai chi to cardio, with an emphasis on maintaining good health for seniors.

5. Refresh Your Job Search Skills

Thinking about a career change? Need to polish up your resume? GCF LearnFree, LearningExpress Library and DigitalLearn all offer online instructional lessons on various topics related to applying for jobs, writing resumes, cover letters and interviewing.

6. Stay Informed

Stay informed on local, national and international news from more than 13,800 sources with Access World News. This includes same-day access to USA Today and The Detroit News.

7. Research Your Family Tree

Find your ancestors on Ancestry and discover your family history. Ancestry has census records, immigration records, and birth, marriage, and death records. MyHeritage also has historic documents and genealogical records for you to explore. Note: Ancestry can only be accessed in the library, either using your own device or a library computer.

8. Meditate

Meditation training has been linked to reduced fatigue, alleviated anxiety and increased mindfulness. Gale Courses offers an online certificate in meditation. Through the course you’ll learn about health benefits, the different types of meditation, as well as the religious history behind this practice. Gale Courses also offers other classes that range from soft to hard skills training.

9. Start Your Own Business

Another course available in Gale Courses walks you through the steps of starting your own small business. In addition, the Small Business Reference Center is a great resource with reference e-books, business videos, and advice on running a small business.

10. Try New Movies

Expand your movie knowledge with Kanopy, which has lots of award-winning films and documentaries to stream, all free to watch without ads. Just sign in with your Canton Public Library card, grab some popcorn and enjoy your movie.