10 Must-Try Outdoor Activities

Brrr! It is the coldest time of year, but that does not mean you cannot bundle up for some fun and head outside. Don’t let cold weather prevent you and your kids from getting the necessary time outdoors this winter. We have some suggestions for you to try. 

1. Build a Snow Fort

When was the last time you built a fort in the snow? Grab some buckets, shovels, a wheelbarrow, and other tools to create a winter palace for play. Make sure you stop regularly for water breaks to stay hydrated.

2. Create Ice Suncatchers

Take some nature-safe items like fruit, veggies and seeds and put them into a pie plate, cake mold, or even a shallow dish to freeze. Make sure you add in a length of ribbon, twine or string before freezing, and then hang up near a sunny spot outdoors to see how the light filters through it. Did you see any animals enjoying your artwork? 

3. Practice Writing in Snow

Literacy is extremely important, and spending hours indoors can make learning feel like more of a chore. Try practicing vocabulary in the snow with a stick, small shovel, paintbrush or a gloved hand. Tackle screen-time fatigue with this fun activity. Your kiddo will not only practice their literacy skills but also experience kinesthetic learning by strengthening hand-eye coordination while playing in the snow. 

4. Winter Scavenger Hunt

Try this Winter Scavenger Hunt or create your own! Alternatively, you could keep a list of 10 things you find while on a winter trek in the woods or in your neighborhood. 

5. Animal Track Spotting

Is it a bunny, dog, squirrel or cat? Track some animal prints around your neighborhood to determine what animal left them. Always stay safe when tracking and be respectful of property that does not belong to your family. Spending time in one of our beautiful state parks is a great way to accomplish many activities on this list. Use a Michigan Activity Pass to get free passes to parks like Maybury State Park with your Canton Public Library card.

6. Maple Syrup Snow Candy

Fresh candy in the snow? If this sounds good to you, pour out some pure maple syrup in the snow, then place a popsicle stick on top and pour more syrup on the top. Wait for it to freeze, then taste! 

7. Look for Beaver Dens

Along a river, there are usually telltale signs that a beaver lives nearby. Look for freshly cut sticks and limbs and fresh mud near the snow. See if you can spot any steam coming up from the pile, and there is a good bet you have found one.

8. Visit a Zoo

Zoo life is very different in the winter. Some of the cold weather hearty species are miserable in the summer months, but the winter is their time to shine. Which animals do you think will be most active? Use this link to check out what discounts you can get at the Detroit Zoo with your library card.

9. Go Snowshoeing 

Take a trek in a pair of snowshoes to get a different view of the paths you love in warmer weather. 

10. Watch for Winter Birds

Visit a park or put out a feeder for the winter birds in your neighborhood. What birds did you see? Can you identify any of them?