10 Books to Read with Kids While They Still Like to Snuggle

They grow up so fast. That is what everyone says. Well, we are here to tell you that it is absolutely true! Though these years with the diapers, night lights and runny noses may seem like they will last forever, these moments will soon be lovely memories.

We have already discussed the benefits of reading aloud to kids, and we know that it helps them in many ways. Though each reader is unique and enjoys different things, many books have wide-ranging appeal. 

Our librarians have selected these titles you should read with your kids before they get too old to enjoy a good snuggly book before bedtime. You can read to them their whole lives, but there is only a small window when they'll snuggle under your arm to enjoy a story with you. 

Books for Younger Snugglers

  1. The Night Tent – Librarian Michelle suggests this fun read-aloud based on the enjoyment of her storytime crowd.
  2. B Is for Bananas – Ms. Michelle's children love this book about a banana that refuses to go to bed. 
  3. On Account of the Gum – Librarian Lindsey thinks you and your kiddos will enjoy this book. 
  4. Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great – Ms. Lindsey also enjoys this tale of a unicorn who may have a bit of an ego problem.
  5. Frog and Toad Are Friends – Librarian Erin has always considered this lovely collection of stories about best friends Frog and Toad as a great book for snuggling. 
  6. Touch the Brightest Star – Librarian Marianne suggests this story for a fun interactive read with the smallest of snugglers.
  7. That Pup! – Ms. Marianne also loves this book, which is perfect for snuggles with babies in autumn. 
  8. I Am Invited to a Party! – Librarian Megan recommends the Elephant and Piggie books because her son loves finding the hidden pigeon inside the back cover. 
  9. The Book With No Pictures – Librarian Jen's family loves the humor in this book, and it's just as delightful for older snugglers too.
  10. The Cricket in Times Square – Librarian Lisa has read this to each of her kids, and it is a family favorite chapter book to read aloud.

Books for Older Snugglers

  1. As Brave as You – Ms. Lisa and her kids love this book for older snugglers as it features a great relationship with a grandparent.
  2. Too Small Tola – Ms. Erin recommends this relatable early chapter book. 
  3. Monster and Boy – Ms. Erin thinks this chapter book is a wonderful pick to read with your kids.
  4. Long Road to the Circus – Another book from the talented Ms. Erin to consider reading with your kids.
  5. Clementine – Ms. Lindsey loves this chapter book series as a read-aloud. 
  6. Dinosaurs Before Dark – Librarian Stacey recommends this series as a formative read-aloud. 
  7. The Hero Next Door – This short story collection that Ms. Lisa recommends makes a nice evening tale to read to upper elementary kids. It's also great for starting a discussion about the tween and teen hero characters in the book. 
  8. The Season of Styx Malone – Ms. Lisa recommends this novel about two brothers and an interesting friend they make one summer. There are a lot of great themes in this book to discuss with upper elementary kids. 
  9. Prairie Lotus – This historical fiction novel is recommended for upper elementary and middle school read-aloud by Ms. Lisa.
  10. Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus – Don't let the title fool you. This upper elementary book is an awesome way to spend nightly reading time with your family.

Pick one of these titles and start reading with those kids before they get too big! Looking for more recommendations? Ask a librarian in-person at the library or through this form to get a custom list.