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Looking Forward to These CDs

Scanning the list of new arrivals, I see some stuff that looks intriguing, like Herbie Hancock's River: The Joni Letters, a collection of songs written by Joni Mitchell. Many include vocal performances, too, from Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae and others (including Mitchell herself on one). Since a lot of Mitchell's work has leaned toward jazz, this seems like a natural collaboration. Another of interest is Moby Grape, the original Grape album from 1967, complete with a few extra songs. The band only lasted a few years, but at its peak, it was one of the premiere headliners coming out of San Francisco. I think this might be the first issue on CD of the debut album.

John Schwartz honored at sculpture dedication

On Friday, a new sculpture was dedicated to John Schwartz III, a founding member of the Canton Public Library and ardent library and township supporter. Jim Gillig unveiled the sculpture by Seattle artist Andrew Carson. It's done in bronze with handblown glass that spins with the wind and reflects light. Present and former library board members were on hand to honor John Schwartz, including (left to right) current Canton Township Supervisor Tom Yack, Doug Ritter, Jim Fausone, Nancy Williams, Bill Simmerer, Mary Feltz, Beverly Polcyn and Kay Baldrica-Basner.

Best business books of 2007

BusinessWeek magazine has selected the top 10 business books of 2007. Several titles focus on the growing business power of India and China. Learn how to take advantage of that change and how to cope with it in your own business.

Welcome, Winter!

Check out photos of this parade of penguins (and much more!) at the CPL Flickr page.

big books

photo by jonathan_moreau Some libraries are using creativity when creating their buildings. The Kansas City Public Library, pictured above, left little room for confusion as they designed the outside of their parking structure.

Book Discussions at the Library


Looking for a book discussion group? We have two book discussion groups for adults. Lunch and a Book meets the second Thursday of the month at 12:00 p.m. and the Adult Contemporary Book Discussion Group meets the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. To see what we're reading next check out the above link.

Christmas Movies for Curmudgeons

Feeling grouchy as the holidays approach? You are not alone! Check out our Christmas Movies for Curmudgeons Fave Five list to lift your spirits. Fave Fives are lists of five suggested titles-books, audiobooks, music CDs, films and documentaries, even CD-ROMs, or any combination thereof-recommended by library staff and patrons. Feel free to browse other Fave Fives or create your own!

Greening up your holidays

The December issue of Better Homes & Gardens has some great ideas for earth-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays. 1. Avoid Over-Gifting: stay away from the trendy stuff and consider a handmade gift. 2. Reuse Trimmings: save your bows and ribbons and other wrappings, like gift bags. 3. Cut Back on Cards: Send fewer cards, use recycled paper or e-cards. Reuse old cards to make gift tags or see page 96 and 97 for cute tags and recycled cards. 4. Rethink Wrappings: use fabric scraps, newspaper, grocery bags,etc. instead. 5. Ship Light: lightweight and small boxes cost less in terms of energy and petroleum to ship. 6. Replant: Buy a live tree and replant it for holiday memories. There are 6 more ideas on page 116 of the current Better Homes & Gardens issue. Look for it at the library.

Denver Grandmother Makes College a Reality,,20160025,00.html

In the November 26 issue of People, which features the Sexist Man Alive (Matt Damon) on the cover, also honors Denver grandmother, Pensal McCray. Since 1983, the former teacher has helped 1,800 minority students tap into scholarships to schools, both public, private and Ivy League. As one graduate added, "She's the ultimate mentor."

Morningstar Database searchable from home!


Great news! Our popular database on mutual funds and stocks is now available for remote access. It's great to be able to check on your investments at night or in your jammies. For year-end financial planning, this database will come in handy. Want to learn more? Ask at the Adult Reference desk, or stop by to pick up a bookmark with search ideas!

My Maps

Google Maps has a new feature, My Maps, that allows you to create, share, and collaborate on maps with other people. This means that you could create a map with your favorite hiking trails, or yarn shops, or any other type of location you're interested in. After that, you can share your map with other people, and allow them to add to the map if you wish. I made a map with some of my favorite places in Canton, and I made the map public, so anyone can see it. via Wired Compiler

Musical Antidotes for Holiday Hecticism

Don't know what happened to the original post about holiday music, so here's a new one about songs that nicely counter the commerialism that surrounds the Christmas holiday season. The best ever: Timbuk 3's "All I Want for Christmas," with lines like "chestnuts roasting on the VCR" and "looks like World War III underneath the Christmas tree." Powerful song... and I've never heard it on the radio. Ever. Another good one is Deborah Holland's "It Only Comes Once a Year." Coincidentally, they're both included on a CD titled "Just in Time for Christmas," but I've seen Timbuk 3 on other holiday samplers, too.

Reuse our boxes for your holiday shipping

Need a box to ship holiday gifts? Reduce your holiday impact on the environment and reuse one of our boxes. These are heavy-duty book boxes that can handle whatever you need to ship. Ask at the Reception Desk and we will let you sort through the stash we have.

NCLB - Room to Improve?

In the November 12th issue of U.S. News and World Report (available at this library), its cover story asserts five ways to fix the No Child Left Behind law. Congress has yet to pass NCLB's reauthorization. The article features a few communities in Michigan for improvements in school performance.

Christmas Crafts to Make in School and Home

Attention teachers and parents! After the frenzied weekend of holiday shopping, give your children some fun and creative projects to do. FamilyFun has many ideas for making homemade gifts and crafts to decorate your home or classroom. The Countdown to Christmas bubble tree is simple and the kids will get to start the day with a pop!

Best Romances?

Every year the Romance Writers of America vote on their best romances for the year. Find out which books the romance authors have liked best since 1982.

Attention Shoppers: It's Black Friday at Secondhand Prose

Secondhand Prose, the Friends of the Library's used bookstore, has some great Black Friday deals for holiday shoppers. It's a Bag Sale weekend, which means you can fill one of our generously-sized shopping bags with select merchandise for $5. Choose from a huge variety of books, CDs, and other media to stuff in your bag as gifts for family, friends and coworkers. You can even get items gift wrapped for a small fee. Bag Sale hours are Friday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. and Monday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. & 6 -8 p.m. Hurry in!

Celebrate the holidays with environmentally-friendly paper products

So you want to send out greeting cards to your friends, wrap presents in pretty paper and use disposable plates and napkins at your gathering but don't want to harm the environment. What's an environmentally-responsible host to do? Here's one answer-- Try products made from sustainable materials other than trees. Tree-Free greetings makes environmentally friendly paper made from sustainably farmed kenaf, bamboo, sugar cane, hemp, and flax, as well as a high degree of post-consumer recylced paper. They also make gift bags and other party products. Look for their products online or at your favorite retailer.


It's Thanksgiving season and I was thinking about being thankful for all of the great music I've heard through the years, plus some of the musicians that I've met or, in an earlier professional life, interviewed. A casual but really enjoyable evening occurred at the Canton Public Library a couple of years ago when the local Celtic group, Blackthorn, played around St. Patrick's Day. I see now that they're coming to the Village Theater on November 29 (a sellout, according to the theater's website). If you aren't among the lucky able to see them in person, check out their CDs from the library. The link above takes you to our catalog.