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Welcome to our final week! We've spent much of this month looking towards the past and at some horror masterpieces. So, for this final week I thought it was only fitting to look at the 21st century with some films already considered or destined to be modern classics. Everything comes to a head on the big day, Halloween, with a double feature of two of the most unsettling and scary films released in the past three years

Monday, October 26th- The Descent (2005)


Available via Hoopla

The Descent is one of all my time favorite horror films. Partly because it's a masterclass in building tension, and partly because it features some fantastic character arcs. It's a film about a group of women spelunkers who find themselves trapped in a cave with a mysterious, monstrous, and very hungry force. The reveal of exactly what is in the caves with them is one of the best jump scare reveals of any horror movie, IMO.

Tuesday, October 27th- A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)


The Chairperson, Amy Watts, called the meeting to order at 7:31 PM.

Present:           N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, J. Lee, J. Pandit, D. Turner, A. Watts

Absent:            None

Also Present:  E. Davis, K. Gladden

CALL TO AUDIENCE   (L. Golden, A. Iqbal, M. Nicholson, D. Skopczynski, C. Spas, C. Swanberg ) – None         


Trustee Nancy Eggenberger moved and Secretary/Treasurer Michelle Farell supported a motion to accept the agenda as amended.


Yes: N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, J. Lee, J. Pandit, D. Turner, A. Watts

No: None

Abstain: None

The motion passed 20/10-15-1 (6-0-0)


The minutes were accepted by unanimous consent.


The minutes were accepted by unanimous consent.


The minutes were accepted by unanimous consent.



Director Eva Davis informed the board that Building Monitor Michael Weslin has resigned.

Davis reminded the trustee candidates to arrange with Canton Township Clerk Michael Siegrist to take their oath of office after the November 3 election but prior to the November 19 meeting.

Davis met with board Chair Amy Watts for her annual performance review. On behalf of herself, her administrative team and the entire staff, she expressed her thanks for the complimentary comments made and the support displayed by the board.

As of the end of September, the library was 3/4 of the way through the fiscal year.  A 3rd Quarter Budget Amendment was on the agenda to balance additional revenue received and lower expected revenue that had not materialized due to the pandemic closure. A final budget amendment in December will balance the budget for the year.

TRUSTEE COMMENTS — Board members expressed their thanks to departing trustees Jane Pandit and Don Turner for their years of service.



Update on Phased Reopening — Limited (30 minute) browsing of materials began on Thursday, October 1st. Capacity is starting at 50 patrons, but thus far the average has been 15; there have never been more than 35 to date. There have been a few incidents of patrons being non-compliant re: mask wearing and overstaying, but they responded well when asked to leave the building.

Cooler weather and construction work prompted the removal of Holds pickup by appointment to the lobby. Circulation Services Interim Department Head Denise Skopczynski is working with a committee on the details of curbside pickup by appointment. Davis thanked Skopczynski for her service in the capacity of Interim Department Head. The two candidate finalists for the permanent position will hopefully be interviewed in the first week of November.


Proposed 3rd Quarter Budget Amendment — Trustee Nancy Eggenberger questioned the decrease in Interest Income earned; Davis explained that while the library usually earned enough credits to off-set bank fees, this had not happened and needed to be adjusted.

Vice-Chair Jasmine Lee moved and Trustee Jane Pandit supported a motion to accept the proposed 3rd Quarter Budget Amendment as presented.


Yes: N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, J. Lee, J. Pandit, D. Turner, A. Watts

No: None

Abstain: None

The motion passed 20/10-15-2 (6-0-0)

Resolution to Approve the MERS Defined Benefit Plan Adoption Agreement Addendum and Appoint the Library Director as Authorized Designee  — Davis explained that the Resolution merely codified this as part of the existing plan.

Secretary/Treasurer M. Farell moved and Trustee N. Eggenberger supported a motion to approve the Resolution to approve the MERS Defined Benefit Plan Adoption Agreement and appoint the library director as Authorized Designee.


Yes: N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, J. Lee, J. Pandit, D. Turner, A. Watts

No: None

Abstain: None

The motion passed 20/10-15-3 (6-0-0)

CALL TO AUDIENCE – Trustee Don Turner wished good luck to the incoming board members.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:57 PM.  

Playstation 5 system and controller. Both have a white body with black accents.

The next generation of systems are coming in November 2020! But what does that mean? Below is an overview of each system, the digital editions, backward compatibility, and new games. 

Playstation 5

To create a festive spirit during Halloween, check out the following spooky tunes. Albums below can be found either in our CD collection or on Hoopla, and some are in both formats where noted.

You can also enjoy our Monster Mash playlist, available to listen to with a free Spotify account.

Addams Family theme song -- Boo, boo, black cat -- Creepy, crawley creature -- Fugue in D minor -- Spooky "E" sounds --- Oh my monster, Frankenstein -- Did you ever see a ghoulie? -- A haunting we will go -- Do you know the Invisible Man? -- Jack-o'-lantern in the window -- Kitty cat costume -- The "L" song -- Monster mash -- Nive nervous nightcrawlers -- Spooky "O" sounds -- Purple people eater -- Quickly, quickly, children -- Rats go marching -- If you're scary and you know it -- Trick, trick, trick or treat -- Underneath the stairs -- One vampire -- We've been working with the witches -- See, see my x-ray -- Yakety yak (Halloween's back!) -- Five little zombies.

Listen on Hoopla.

Monster mash -- Theme from the Addams Family -- Addams groove (from The Addams Family) -- Ghostbusters -- The Munsters theme -- This is Halloween (from The nightmare before Christmas) -- Thriller -- The time warp (from The Rocky horror picture show) -- Ding dong the witch is dead (from The wizard of Oz) -- Casper, the friendly ghost -- Purple people eater -- Wooly bully

Pokemon Search Kit

Pokemon Eevee on red, yellow, and grey checkered carpet.

Attention Pokemon Trainers of ALL AGES! Back by popular demand we have created ANOTHER Pokemon Kit! This one features items you can use while you search for wild Pokemon at home or while playing Pokemon Go. Trainers interested in picking up a kit will need to register to reserve a kit from October 22nd to November 5th. Trainers can pick up their kits starting on November 2nd. 


Note: please schedule your pickup appointment OR pick up your kit from the hold shelf AFTER you receive an email noting your kit is ready. Kits take time to make and place on the hold shelf. 

Upcoming sessions

Thursday, October 22 (All day) Registration Begins
Thursday, November 5 (All day) Registration Ends

We currently have a job opening with our Community Relations Department for the Communication Specialist position. For complete details please visit our jobs/volunteer page.

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Welcome back! For week four of our Halloween horror movie marathon we're going to focus primarily on what was a great time for horror movies; the late 70s and early 80s. Then for the weekend, we'll get more modern with one of the 21st century's greatest horror comedies, a double feature of a writer/director whose work has revolutionized horror representation, and our final all-ages film heads back to the 80s with a classic that mixes horror, comedy, and an upcoming holiday.

Monday, October 19th-Carrie (1976)

Available via DVD 

Carrie is the first ever Stephen King novel to be adapted to film, and it's one of the scariest thanks to the work of director Brian De Palma, screenwriter Lawrence D Cohen, and standout performances by Sissy Spacek, Piper Laurie, and Nancy Allen. It's a tragic and powerful film about the horrors of family and the cruelty of adolescents




Tuesday, October 20th- The Fog (1980)


Can't get enough spooky and scary books and Fall fun? Is it too close to Halloween and all those books are checked out? Here is a selection of books that have multiple formats - including copies on Hoopla. As long as the title remains available in Hoopla, Canton library card holders will not have to wait to access it.

Big bad bubble by Adam Rubin
Also available in: e-video

An ordinary bubble may seem pretty harmless to you. To the monsters of La La Land, however, a fragile, shimmering bubble is an object of terror. But with encouragement from the narrator and from readers, the three learn to confront their fears and triumph over the bubbles! 

Also available in: e-audiobook | video | e-video

Farmer Brown does not like Halloween. So he draws the shades, puts on his footy pajamas, and climbs into bed. But do you think the barnyard animals have any respect for a man in footy pajamas? No, they do not. For them, the Halloween party has just begun. And we all know these critters far prefer tricks over treats. There are big surprises in store for Farmer Brown! 

Credit: Chris Zhu Getty Images

It's National Cat Day! October 29th is a day to celebrate how cats make purrfect companions! There are so many cats surrendered or abandoned to local shelters every year who need a forever home. National Cat Day is an opportunity to consider adopting a new cat to your family. Cats can bring positive health benefits. Hearing a cat purr can lower your blood pressure and stress level. Having a cat around releases calming chemicals in your body that reduces tension and anxiety. Who can resist a cuddly cat?! If you're interested in adopting, consider visiting the Huron Valley Humane Society or the Michigan Humane to find a new furry friend! Until then, check out some of our cat resources!

While cats understand their owners, in our eyes felines continue to be regarded as unpredictable and mysterious pets. So, if we have decided that our new companion will be a kitty, we must prepare ourselves and discover its world. Learn important skills and knowledge about cats that will better prepare you and make your cat happy, such as how to: Welcome a new kitten into the house Feed your cat the most appropriate food Assess its behavior Care for it if it gets sick And other important skills to ensure it has a happy, healthy life This is only a snippet of what you will find in this book. All of these skills have been elaborated by an animal care expert, which is accompanied with a good deal of useful advice that will help you understand our four-legged friend and make it grow healthy, while at the same time debunking certain myths about the cat world. In this book you will find everything you need to know in order to be the well-informed owner of a happy cat

President's Volunteer Service Awards were presented. Thank you, volunteers!

President's Volunteer Service Awards


Bronze awards require 50 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15 years and 100 hours of service for volunteers who are over 16 years old.

  • Lisa Kluka
  • Jane Payton
  • Judy Richardson
  • Ramsha Saleem
  • Isha Sharma
  • Nancy Smith
  • Claire Spas
  • Rosemary Tanasoff
  • Rhoda Wolshon


Silver awards require 75 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15, 175 hours of service for volunteers aged 16-25 and 250 hours for volunteers who are 26 and over.

  • Nimah Azam
  • Timothy Dougan
  • Roxanne Gill
  • Deb Luczkowski
  • Lynn Pape
  • Julie Poskie
  • Carol Symanns
  • Kathy Young


Gold awards require 100 hours of service for volunteers aged 14-15, 250 hours of service for volunteers aged 16-25 and 500 hours for volunteers who are 26 and over.

  • Takiyah Ali
  • Julia Bhuiyan
  • Karley Yung