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Know Your Org: Empowering Lives with CWO

Learn more about Community Work Opportunities (CWO) as they strive to empower adults with disabilities and enhance lives.

Nostalgic Reads: Your Favorite Childhood Books

We asked our patrons to share their nostalgic favorites—dive in and see if any of your memorable childhood reads made the list.

Michigan Notable Books 2024

Each year, the Library of Michigan honors 20 of the most notable books written by a MI author or about our state. Discover the winners here.

Thorndyke's Portal to Road-Ready Snacks

You will undoubtedly hear two words from the kids this summer while on the road: “I’m hungry.” The solution? A fun snacklebox.

Road Trip 101

Looking to get away? We can help! Check out these tips and resources for your next trip on the road or abroad.

Deadpool’s #@$%& Awesome List of Deadpool Stuff

Good ol’ Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool a.ka. me has put together a list of my most awesome stuff at CPL. You’re welcome.
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