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TAB Review of Mars Vol.1

To start Mars is possibly one of the best seies ever, so if you haven't read it then trust me and read it because it's amazing. I know it's hard to believe, but I'm actually going to review volume 1 first. This story starts in the park with one of the main characters, Kira, drawing. Then the other main character, Rei, comes up and asks her for directions. (and yes, I'm going to ruin one part that I"m sure no ones guessed, these two main characters eventually fall for each other. I know very odd for a romance Manga series, but yes it happens) Kira recognizes Rei from school, draws him a map, unknowingly on the back of a picture of a mother and baby she had drawn, and leaves without saying anything.

TAB Review of Fruits Basket vol.16

Okay, this is one of my favorit series, so if you haven't read any start cause it's amazing. For those who haven't read here's the story. It begins with Tohru Honda being found camping on the Sohma proberty. Tohru was liveing in a tent because her mother had died and she didn't want to be a bother to her mothers family, her father had died when she was little and she doesn't know that side of her family. Shiguri Sohma owned the property and two other members of his family were staying with him, Kyo and Yuki. They lived outside the family property which consited of the main house where the head of the family and a selected few lived and then pretty much everyone else lived right out side that. The family property is like a lttle town on its own.

Jon Scieszka's brand new website

Author Jon Scieszka has a great new site with tons of fun and funny stuff for fans to check out. You can find an audio pronunciation guide to his last name (rhymes with 'fresca' but listen to his explanation-it's funnier), info on his books (including his picture books, Trucktown, and Time Warp Trio), a photo gallery, and a whole bunch more great stuff. Check it totally out!

What is ERIC?


ERIC in this case is not a boy's name, but the acronym for Educational Resources Information Center. This database contains extensive coverage on educational research and information with more than 1.2 million items indexed since 1966. ERIC is a busy database. Teachers, researchers, librarians and students conduct six million searches each month. Why Select ERIC? Interested in learning more about the renewal of the No Child Left Behind Act? Connect to ERIC and search for that topic and in the 2006 October issue of Phi Delta Kappan, which the Canton Public Library subscribes to that journal.

Michigan Students Get Ready to Spell

Three students from metro Detroit and 10 others from across the state are headed to Washington, D.C., to compete in the 80th annual Scripps National Spelling Bee. Nearly 300 newspapers in the United States, Canada and other countries sponsor the bee which is coordinated by the Cincinnati-based E.W. Scripps Company. Scripps produces the national finals, providing word lists and study materials. This year has a record number of contestants, with 139 boys and 147 girls. The two-day spelling event begins today. The semifinals air 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Thursday on ESPN. The finals air 8-10 p.m. Thursday on ABC.

Fave Fives


Our Fave Five page has a new look. Check it out, then think about sending us a list of five of your personal favorites (books, movies, music, even CD-ROMs, or any combination of them). Almost everyone likes to create lists. Now is your chance to share your two cents with the world.]< td>

The Closer - Summer TV Need Not Be a Drag

Strong Opinion Alert! Here's a heads up for the return of "The Closer" on Monday, June 18 (9:00) on TNT. It's the third season for what I'd call the best-written show on television, built around a wonderful ensemble cast surrounding Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda Lee Johnson. I believe Season Two is due out on DVD today (May 29), while Season One can be found at the library (Disc One, Disc Two, Disc Three and Disc Four).

TAB Review of Ranma 1/2 Vol.36

Yes, Ranma 1/2 is finally endind after 16 years and 36 volimes, making it the longest running Manga serious in America. In the story many of the main characters have fallen in to cursed springs where animals ir people have drowned and turn in to different animals/people when splashed with water, they turn back in hot water thou. The main character Ranma fell into the spring of cursed drowned girl, so he turns into a girl, while training with his father Genma Saotome, who turns into a panda.

TAB Review of Tsubasa vol.4

If you've read Cardcapters then Tusbasa is a must read. It's kinda the continuation, but in a different world. In this series Sakura and Syaoran(Lee) are of course still in love, but Sakura is a Princess and her brother Toya has been king sense their father died. Yukito is still in the story and trying to keep peace between Toya and Sakura as usual. Everything is fine until Sakura losses her soul, each piece takes the form of a feather and as they return them to Sakura regains a piece of her strenghth and memory, but she will never remember Syaoran or her love for him because that was the price he had to pay to make the journey. As they embark on a world-spanning adventure they take along a few new friends, brought together Yuka the Space Time Witch.

First Girl, Homeschooler Wins Geography Bee

14-year old, Caitlin Snaring, won the National Geographic Bee and plans to save her $25,000 in prize money for college. Caitlin is a home-schooled 8th grader from Redmond, Washington. It has been 17 years since a girl was declared the winner in the 19-year history of the National Geographic Bee. Out of 10 finalists, she was the only girl. She'll go on to compete for the international title in the National Geographic's World Championship this August in San Diego.

Jean Tabor receives Award of Excellence from Michigan Library Association

Congratulations to CPL director Jean Tabor. She has received the 2007 Award of Excellence from MLA. This award is given annually to recognize a staff member of a Michigan library who has made an outstanding contribution to effective and improved local library service. Read more about the award here.

The Romance Reader

In my never ending quest to find good romances to read,I like to check in on some of the romance review websites--The Romance Reader is one of my favorites.

radio guide

I listen to my iPod in the car every day, and I've found that it can sometimes be difficult to find an empty channel - that is, a frequency on the FM dial that won't have interference from nearby stations. There's now a free online search tool that will provide you with the best bets for your area. The best non-stations for Canton are apparently 88.7, 90.3, and 102.3.

What to do with all those books . . .

Studio Aisslinger, a Danish design company, has this totally sweet idea for a book shelf made out of books. It's not available for purchase yet but might be a fun twist on the Ikea Hacker post below. Have you done something interesting with your old books? Share it here.

How Sassy Changed My Life: A Love Letter to the Greatest Teen Magazine of All Time

How Sassy Changed My Life is a tribute to Sassy magazine, a publication for teen girls that was published from 1987 to 1994 (though most fans agree that the real Sassy ended earlier, when the magazine was sold, re-staffed, and re-designed, losing its best qualities in the process). Sassy was "a refuge from airhead teenybopper magazines" and spoke to the teens who didn't feel they fit into the ideal stereotypical vision of a teenage girl that other magazines promoted. Sassy encouraged girls to be comfortable with their unique bodies and minds, to embrace their weirdness and/or nerdiness, and to be themselves. The staff wrote in a conversational style, and readers felt that they got to know the various writers.

The Golden Compass

Fans of The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and the Lord of the Rings are getting excited about this winter's movie version of Philip Pullman's fantasy novel The Golden Compass. Check out the brand new trailer online. Read or listen before the movie is released in theatres December 7, 2007.

a fun video for little ones (and their parents)

Thanks to the Canton parent who directed me to this video (her son is a big fan)!

Biography Resource Center


Want to write a favorite author, find out works they've written, wondered what they look like or just want to find magazine articles about them? You can do all this and more in Biography Resource Center (BioRC) on our database page. BioRC is a comprehensive biographical database on over 340, 000 people from thoughout history, around the world and covers all disciplines and subject areas. What a great resource for students with those biography assignments! Access here in the library or remotely using your orange Canton Public Library card and get inspired.

Contest Aims to Improve American Students' Math and Science Skills

The Global Challenge's primary motivation is to prepare young people for the challenges of the 21st century by helping them build skills in disciplines necessary to succeed in a more complex, technologically-advanced world. During the school year, 58 teams of American students partnered with students from China, India and Japan to tackle technological solutions to global warming. Winners will be selected in June and will be award scholarship money. Pre-registration is open for this fall, so go to the Global Challenge website at to learn more.