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Thorndyke Thoughts: Paddington on the Big Screen

Hey Kids,

I’m so excited to announce a dear friend of mine is coming to the big screen in January. On my birthday. Some of you may be familiar with my marmalade-loving buddy, Paddington, but if not, be sure to check him out here before seeing him in theaters. I’ve made some handy lists below of bear stories, some that are also available as movies. What are some of your favorite bear stories? You can tell me in the comments or stop by to chat the next time you’re in the library.

“Classic” Bears

A bear called Paddington by Michael Bond ; with drawings by Peggy Fortnum

Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne ; with decorations by Ernest H. Shepard

Realistic Fiction for First Grade

Want stories about regular people like you? Try these suggestions.

Lulu and the rabbit next door by Hilary McKay — Lulu is an animal lover. Other Lulu books are available in the fiction shelves at JFICTION MCKAY.

Big bug surprise by Julia Gran —  Features a young lady with a
serious interest in bugs. For factual books about bugs, look in the nonfiction
shelves at J595.

Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day by Judith Viorst —  A classic story about a terrible day. Look for more stories about Alexander in the Picture Book collection under VIO.

Grades 6-9 Winter themed reading

Brian's winter by Gary Paulsen

He would have to find some way to protect himself, some weapon. The fire worked well when it was burning, but it had burned down. His hatchet and knife would have done nothing more than make the bear really angry -- something he did not like to think about -- and his bow was good only for smaller game. He had never tried to shoot anything bigger than a foolbird or rabbit with it and doubted that the bow would push the arrow deep enough to do anything but -- again -- make the bear really made.
He bundled in his bag that night, the end of the two weeks of warm weather. He kept putting wood on the fire, half afraid the bear would come back. All the while he tried to think of a solution.
But in reality, the bear was not his primary adversary. Nor was the wolf, nor any animal. Brian had become his own worst enemy because in all the business of hunting, fishing and surviving he had forgotten the primary rule: Always, "always" pay attention to what was happening. Everything in nature means something and he had missed the warnings that summer was ending, had in many ways already ended, and what was coming would be the most dangerous thing he had faced since the plane crashed.

Winter Themed Books for Kids

Winter waits by Lynn Plourde ; illustrated by Greg Couch

Lynn Plourde, author of the best-selling picture book "Wild Child," reunites with acclaimed illustrator Greg Couch to continue the story of Nature's family with this exquisite book that captures the joy of a father-son relationship.

Winter lullaby by Barbara Seuling ; illustrated by Greg Newbold

As the natural world changes with winter's approach, young children worry about the creatures they see around them. Where do the ducks and other animals go? Will they find shelter from the cold? Will they be safe and warm? In Winter Lullaby, Barbara Seuling's reassuring, gentle verse and Greg Newbold's breathtaking paintings reveal what animals do to survive as winter takes hold.

Winter: an alphabet acrostic by Steven Schnur ; illustrated by Leslie Evans

New Books in Tamil for 2014

Nilavum malarum pāṭutu! by Elci Tivākar

Entaṉ kaṇṇōṭu kalantuviṭu-! by Nivētā Jeyānantaṉ

Itayak katavu by Iṉpā Alōciyas

Vilāciṉi: Kōccaṭaiyāṉu̲kku muṉ, kuṟṟap pulaṉāyvu carittirap putiṉam by Ṭākṭar El. Kailācam = Vilasini / L. Kailasam

Kaṟupput tāmarai by Rājēṣkumār

Kiḻical: tērnteṭutta ciṟukataikaḷ by Pūmaṇi ; tokuppāciriyar, Ka. Mōkaṉaraṅkaṉ = Kizical / author, Poomani

Vaḷaiyāta paṉaikaḷ by Irā. Nantakōpāl

Pārttipaṉ kaṉavu by Kalki Ār. kiruṣṇamūrtti