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I've been very disappointed by the lack of storytime options lately. There used to be so many times available and now there are so few I can't take either of my kids anymore. They are 16 months and 4 yrs and go to bed at 7:00 PM. If nothing else I'd like to take my little guy but I have to pick up my eldest from preschool at 10:45. It would be nice if the "Walking To Not Yet Two" classes had more time slots or was just 30 minutes earlier. I really miss our library time!


Thu, 2010-02-18 18:28

I am very sorry that you cannot find a storytime that fits your schedule. The library works very hard to accomodate a variety of age groups. We have lost some staff and due to the economy we have a hiring freeze, so we’re unable to add any further sessions for April-May. The library does offer a registered Family Storytime on Mondays at 1pm and a Drop-In Storytime on Saturdays at 11am that would be suitable for both your 16 month old and your 4 year old. Thank you for your suggestions, we will keep it mind as we plan future programs.