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Game On

Bumper boat, it's cool!

I went to a water park

I went camping

I played volleyball

I played tennis

I played soccer

I played football

I played baseball

I played basktball

I played outside

Morning reading time

I read a book to earn this badge: 
That's Not How You Play Soccer, Daddy by Sherry Shahan

We played Risk 2210

this is a great game

Evening run for 30 minutes


Got a new Ice Age game

Got a new computer Ice Age Game

Biked in the morning for about an hour

Played Golo

This is a dice game kinda like yatzee, except the dice are 9-sided, and you are trying to get pars, birdies and eagles.  

play Tic-Tac-Too with my sister

Biking before bedtime

We played Frank's Zoo

This is a very fun card game. I highly recommend it.