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Game On

I tought my 7 year old sister how to play Chess.

It turns out my sister is a natural.

I went to the Tigers game

at the end Paralta got a homerun and they run.

Went to Chuck-E-Cheese

Went to CEC with my playdate friend. had so much fun!

played with brother

Played game with siblings

I played my second baseball game.

I struck out 6 batters.We won over the tigers 8 to 2.

Played a baseball game

We were defeated by the Texas Rangers.I had an awesome bunt!I also scored a run.I struck out 2 batters

I read a 4th SI for kids magazine

I read a 3rd SI magazine

I read a 2nd SI for kids magazine

I read 1 Sports Illustrated for kids magazine

I played wild kratts on the computer. It's hard but fun.

I played soccer with my team.

Cheered on my brother at a baseball game

Went to see the Detroit Tigers Tuesday night

watched heat vs spurs game

Played capture the flag - knockout at shark summer camp

i had a small carnival

I read a book to earn this badge: 
Carnivals,have fun
When I had my carnival people played against each other in games. They challenged other players and everyone had fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched the Boston Marathon

I read a book to earn this badge: 
The Boston Marathon
I read the book the Boston Marathon and i was so interested i watched a little bit of it and i was so sad about the bombing...

I played on a soccer team