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Badges from 2012

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery.

play 3DS and training my doggy.

I had dinner at the Antonio's. I love the pizza.

took a swim lesson.

listen to an audiobook-- Amber Brown

garden work

helped mom cut the vine from the gourd. It's growing widely.

thousands of bees

My mom called me and I saw thousands of bees around the bushes in my neighbor's. We don't know where are they from, and where are they live. It's kind of scared. I'm not a good detective.

got a reward-- backpack.

It's The Lil' Girls with Passion for Friends, Fun and Fashion. I love it!

learn to make a quilt. Much fun!

watched women's volley ball

read " When will it be Spring?" Oh, I just like this book.

read " Black, White, Just Right!"

read " There was an old lady who swallowed a bell!"

read " Officer Buckle and Gloria"

This book is about never accept rides from strangers, never fly kites near power lines, never tilt your chair back on two legs...

read " Where Does the Teacher Live?"

Exciting after work project

Mowed the grass and pulled weeds growing in the cracks in the driveway.

read " My Big Dog"

I conquered my "Butterflies" on waterslides

I am a person who doesn't like butterflies in my stomach when i go on rides. But that issue isn't so serious around waterslides now. I conquered that fear and now I can have fun riding water slides without being too scared. WOO-HOO! =D

I begged my mom and dad for a Pomeranian!!!

My white Maltese named Casper (like Casper the Ghost...haha) died years and years ago in may so I really miss snuggling up next to a dog. I have decided that I want a Pomeranian (maybe another white dog) because they're so cute and tiny and fluffy. The bad thing is that they're so fragile and I think they shed a lot. I'd do all the vacuuming big deal! I bug my mom about getting a Pomeranian sometimes but she refuses to get one. My dad would be happy to though. When i'm older i'll probably get a Pomeranian!

Rode my bike around the whole neighborhood

Took a fast ride around my neighborhood for about and hour and 1/2.Came back with my hands and legs sore.

I went to Opera on Tap at Frenchie's

Frenchie's in Ypsilanti hosted Opera on Tap, an event with three professional opera singers performing pieces from various operas and musicals. My favorite part was singing the last song, "Volare," with the whole bar!