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Badges from 2012

The following experiences were added by patrons like you as they participate in Connect Your Summer. You can also see experience photos in a gallery.

Ich habe "Der Vater eines Moerders" auf Deutsch gelesen

This is a book by Alfred Anderesh and is based on a true time during his schooling in southern Germany just before WW II. The director of the school was the father of the infamous Himmler of the Nazi regime. It was very well written and had a powerful impact.  I really enjoyed it, even if it was not the mystery book I thought it would be by the title.

Watched Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson is a great movie of a family who tries to live on an island and goes on many adventures until they have fully settled down. I recommend this movie to people who like adventure, comedy, and a hint of romance.

Read the book Beezus and Ramona

Great Book

Watched and Read Charlotte's Web

The movie was great, but the book is even better!

Read The Talented Clementine

The Talented Clementine is a great book about a trouble-making girl named Clementine on a search for a hidden talent. She needs to find one for a class project involving a talent show and she is in a bit of a panic. Does she even have a talent? As Clementine does some self-examination, she encounters a little trouble and learns some lessons along the way. In the end, she discovers that she too has something special to contribute to the class.

Did a Beanbag Ball Craft for my Minisociety project at school

I went craft searching for a craft to sell in my school's Minisociety project and I found a perfect craft for me to sell; Beanbag Balls! To make one, you simply take one balloon and fill it up with rice, then cut out the thing you blow on. Take another balloon, blow it up so that it will be big enough to fit and cover the filled up balloon starting from the side where you blow on it. Then TA DA! Your done! Beanbag balls are just like Stress balls that don't spill, because no matter how hard you throw, the rice never comes out UNLESS you remove the the balloon that's covering the filled up one. I had a best-selling craft when i came back to school and they even sold out! =D

Watched Olympics Girls Basketball

It was The U.S vs. China, but the U.S team won!

Tried to make my cousin's dog Daisy be more obedient

Daisy is My cousin's 1 year old dog and when i came to visit, me and my cousin thought that it was time to make her learn some tricks and stop peeing on the carpet. But it was a total failure, she just wouldn't listen! Oh well, we can always try again next time!

Read a little bit of Hoot

A Very Interesting Book. Read about 5 or more chapters

Camped outside Grandma's house for the night

Spent the night out with my family at grandma's house in a tent and it was really fun, and my brothers were so hyper about sleeping in the tent that they tried to build it as soon as we arrived at 11 a.m! XD

Went to a Tigers Baseball Game

Went two days ago with my Dad and the game was so fun! I was even so close to catching a ball that was two rows behind us! It also rained really hard during the beggining of the game which got me and my Dad SOAKING WET! GO DETROIT TIGERS Cuz they rock and won the game! =D

Watched Olympics Boys Gymnastics

Sadly, The boys did pretty terrible with all of their deductions for the U.S =(

Watched The Olympics Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball Is Just like Volleyball but with sand (Or at the Beach) The Sand makes it harder for the players (2 for each team) to jump

Watched Olympics Volleyball

The Volleyball games were fun to watch =D

Watched The Olympics

Watched Girls Gymnastics

Read The Loser List

Not A Great Book in MY OPINION. If your a boy, I guess that this is a book for you ;P Don't recommend this at all

Read NERDS: M Is for Mama's Boy

Just as Great as the First Book. Can't Wait to Read Book Three!

Read NERDS: National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society

A Very cool and interesting book, love it

Read Geek Chic: The Zoey Zone

It was an ok book, don't reccomend it though =|

I read lots of mystery books