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Looking for Long, Lost Relatives?


One of the top hobbies in the United States is genealogy research. Looking for long, lost relatives can be exciting and fun, but it can also be a lot of work! Check out our genealogy databases to make your searching a little easier. The library has two genealogy databases to help with your research; Ancestry Library Edition and HeritageQuest Online. Both of these databases have U.S. Census information from 1790-1930, which is a huge improvement from the "old days" when researchers would need to request the census tapes and search them for hours! Ancestry Library Edition also includes census information from the U.K.

A list about lists

Seems like everyone has a list--grocery list, to-do list, list of places to visit, etc. The World Wide Web has taken lists to a new level. Even the Canton Public Library has an online list: Fave Fives-- a list of five favorite books, movies, CDs, etc., submitted by patrons. Wired magazine has a list of the best list websites. Check them out. 5. Tenspotting Create, edit and publish lists to share with others. 4. All Consuming Catalog books, music, movies, food and more. Share your list, make and receive recommendations and join a list-loving community. 3. Ta-da Lists An Internet dream for compulsive list makers. No more scraps of paper, misplaced lists, scratched up notepads.

Discounted Online Seminars

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Education To Go to offer a wide range of highly interactive courses that you can take entirely over the Internet. All of their courses include expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. These online courses are affordable, many of the 6 week classes are only $99. Some of the topics offered are accounting, writing a business plan, GMAT preperation, languages, personal finances and many, more.

Paper Cuts Blog

New York Times Paper Cuts is a blog about books and other forms of printed matter. Look here for book news and opinion, interviews with writers, regular raids on the Book Review's archives, and other special features.

Local Reaction to NCLB Renewal

On the front page Sunday's Free Press, many teachers and parents across the state shared their opinions regarding whether the No Child Left Behind law has helped or hindered students in meeting state and federal goals.


Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine, is a magical tale that takes you through the kingdom of Ayortha. The protagonist is a young girl named Aza. She was abandoned when she was a baby at an inn, where the innkeepers take her in. They treat her like their own child. But Aza has one problem, a problem that she struggled with for her whole life. She, along with many others, thinks that she is ugly. She wants to be pretty more than anything else. Even though she looks unattractive, Aza has a voice that is far better than anyone else in the whole kingdom. then, one day, she meets a duchess who takes her along on a journey to the palace. There, she meets the king, queen, and charming prince. The queen offers to make her a lady in waiting, and Aza accepts.

Sort of like the Da Vinci Code but it doesn't stink

That's sort of how I would describe writer Arvid Nelson's graphic novel series Rex Mundi. It takes some of the same ideas but presents them in a much more compelling and exciting way. Plus with Rex Mundi you actually get fully fleshed out, interesting and well rounded characters that you care about, something Mr. Brown apparently didn't have time for. So what's the premise of Rex Mundi you ask? It's a series set in our world but history has gone down a drastically different path. In the world of Rex Mundi, The Protestant Reformation never happened. So Europe is still a place where Kings and the Church hold enormous power. The Inquisition is still a terrifying force to be reckoned with.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Looking for something unique and fun to do this weekend? The Detroit Urban Craft Fair is a great idea and only comes once a year. This Saturday, August 4, from 10am-8pm at the Majestic Theatre, you can see and purchase wares from over 50 independent DIY artists and crafters. What makes an urban craft fair different from any other craft fair? "You won't see country crafts, painted saws or jams n' jellies at our fair. You will however, see rock star nightlights, recycled t-shirt tote bags and vegan lip gloss." The DUCF is sponsored by Handmade Detroit, Detroit's own urban craft collective.

Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra!

I just read an excellent book called Secrets, Lies, and Algebra by Wendy Lichtman. It's about Tess, an 8th grade girl who loves algebra, who relates the events in her life to mathematics.

Yes, our air conditioning is working

With the forecast in the mid-90s and upper 80s for the next several days, it's wise to stay in a cool location and the Canton Public Library is as cool as it gets. With over 110 computer stations, children's programs, DVDs, music, magazines, books and more to keep you entertained inside, you'll barely notice the heat wave outside. Stop on by and enjoy our air conditioning and sip on a cold smoothie or frozen beverage from Jungle Java Express. To stay safe in this heat wave, check out the American Red Cross Heat Wave page advice.? Copyright The American National Red Cross. All rights reserved.

Music: Then and Now

This goes back a few years, but I just finished auditioning One Kiss Can Lead to Another (Girl Group Sounds: Lost & Found), a splendid, four-disc collection of the girl group trend of the Sixties. You'll find many familiar names (Ronettes, Shirelles, Exciters, Supremes, etc.), but not necessarily the biggest hits that are commonly included in anthologies of #1 records. If you do check out this item, be sure you ask for the accompanying booklet (very thick, very informative and much fun). This CD set got me thinking about comparable acts today and who they might be.

MorningStar Library Edition


Profit from Morningstar analysts' independent opinions on 1,800 stocks and 2,000 funds before making any investment moves! You would love the analyst research, MorningStar rating, and all the financial numbers to help you decide.

ReferenceUSA -- A Great Business Resource!


ReferenceUSA is the number one source of information on businesses and people for researchers, students, and job seekers. The U.S. Businesses module contains 14 million businesses. You can find businesses based on employee size, sales volume, type of business and location. You can also find executives, corporate families and company descriptions, or elect a location and do a radius search to look up the number of similar businesses in the area. Locate your friends and relatives by using the U.S. Residential module of 135 Million U.S. households

Recycling Update

Our community paper recycling bin seems to be a hit. After only a week, it's almost full. Keep on bringing your newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, glossy and office paper. Please remember, NO CARDBOARD is accepted.

Local filmmakers' work featured this weekend

This weekend the Trinity Film Coalition Film Festival takes place at the Renaissance Marriott in Detroit. One of the featured films will be Broken, which was filmed by Canton resident Karl Roosa. Broken will show at Noon on Saturday, August 4th. Many other films will also screen at the festival (check the schedule here, and admission is free. Two other Canton filmmakers' works will also be showing: Bite Out of Crime by Ken Baker and Body Bag by Robert Holland.

Get in the Loop

Need to get in the swing of things before school starts? This website offers students and teachers a dynamic learning environment with interactive features and a variety of innovative, news-related, real-world resources.

Dear Mr. Henshaw

Dear Mr. Henshaw, written by Beverly Cleary, is the story of a little boy named Leigh Botts. Leigh Botts is a young boy who lives with his divorced mother and misses his father a lot. The tale is told through various letters that have been sent to Mr. Boyd Henshaw, a novelist who never emerges as a character in the book and Leigh's favorite author. The letters continually show development as Leigh grows up and also reveal his intention of becoming a writer. As the book progresses, the letters soon turn into diary entries which are still titled to Mr. Henshaw. In the book, we never see a reply from Mr. Henshaw, but quite apparently, he replies to Leigh telling him that the best thing a writer can do is keep a diary.


Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, is the tough, tender, and darkly funny story of a teenage outcast. This teenager is Melinda Sordino. Over the past summer, Melinda had gone though a tragic situation at a summer party that caused her to go completely mute. This incident was rape. At the summer party, Melinda called the cops and now her "friends" won't talk to her and people hate the sight of her. Throughout the book, Anderson shows how Melinda wants to break out of her shell. She constantly talks about re-planting herself and growing again, with a new start. With this re-growth process, Melinda learns to cut off the part of her that died over the summer and let them grow back before it kills all of her.

Phishing - can you tell a fake site from a real one?

Phishing ("the act of tricking someone into giving them confidential information or tricking them into doing something that they normally wouldn't do or shouldn't do. For example: sending an e-mail to a user falsely claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft") is increasingly common, and as technology evolves, phishing attempts look more and more like the real thing. Can you tell the difference? Find out with this Ten Question Quiz. When you're done, you'll be provided with more information about how to tell the difference and protect your identity.