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July 2008 Lunch & a Book

Montana 1948 by Larry Watson A series of events in a small western town changes the lives of David Hayden, his sheriff father, his mother, and their Sioux housekeeper, as they discover the truth about family loyalty.

Just the Facts, ma'am

If you want statistics on hot topics for any research papers or simply just for the facts or your own edification, go to the "by the numbers" section of Click on any topic to find the numbers.

It's the Challenge of the Decades at the Canton Public Library

The Canton Public Library's Adult Summer Reading Program is in full swing and it's not too late to sign up at the Adult Reference Desk for the Challenge of the Decades. Read books, watch movies, listen to music for each decade from the Thirties through the present and get a chance at some great prizes.

Friend or Foe? Balancing the Good and Bad

I wanted to learn more about social networking sites and schools so I selected another educational database in our collection called Educator's Reference Complete. I typed the topic, social networking, into the basic search field, selected keyword and chose an article from the magazines section. My search produced several full-text articles and I found one from a magazine the library doesn't own called Digital Directions. I could read the entire article online just by clicking the full-text link. Also, the option is available to select another language such as Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese just by choosing the language and clicking the translate button. How cool is that?!

Think Before You Post

The use of social networking technologies has infiltrated many aspects of our culture including the workplace. Online sites such as Facebook and YouTube are extremely popular and almost half of the users of MySpace are 35 and older. As the new generation of teachers enter the classrooms this fall, they face an interesting choice. How much of your personal life do you share with your professional life (students, parents, other teachers and administrators)? In our database, ERIC, it pointed to an interesting article in Phi Delta Kappan (May 2008, page 681-685), a periodical that the library owns. The article, Have You Googled Your Teacher Lately, is about teachers using social networking sites and the potential impact of their choice whether or not to post private information.

Connections Newsletter - Jul/Aug 2008

Our bimonthly newsletter, Connections, is now available online as a pdf file (attached below).

Books By Mail


This service is provided to Canton residents who are physically unable to come to the library due to a permanent or long-time illness or disability, as well as for seniors without a way to get library materials.

Receiving Your Library Materials

Canton Public Library cardholders can fill out the Books by Mail application below. If you do not have a Canton Public Library card please call Joyce Simowski at 734-397-0999 ext. 1142 for further assistance.

Once your application is processed, you may borrow up to four items at a time, with a maximum of 12 checked per library card, for up to four weeks. Reference, non-circulating, Lucky Day, and seven-day materials are currently excluded from this service.

Returning your Library Materials

Each shipment you receive includes pre-paid return postage and a return label. Put your library materials back into the bag and mail it back to us. Standard library fees will be charged for lost and damaged materials.

Need Help?

Questions about Books by Mail should be referred to Joyce Simowski who may be reached at 734-397-0999 ext. 1142 or

To apply, simply complete the form below and then click "Submit Request".

Canton Public Library Books By Mail Application


Arts and Literature

Art and Art Museums

Literature and Poetry

  • Bartleby — classic poetry and (unabridged) books online
  • Project Gutenberg — classic works for downloading or reading online

Literature Criticism, Guides, and Notes

Challenge of the Decades...Schoolhouse Version

Akeelah and the Bee; produced in 2006; takes place same time Blackboard Jungle; produced in 1955; takes place in 1950s The Breakfast Club; produced in 85; takes place same time The Browning Version; produced in 1994; takes place in 1951 Coach Carter; produced in 2004; takes place in 1999 Dead Poets Society; produced in 1989; takes place in 1959 The Emperor's Club; produced in 2002; takes place same time Fast Times at Ridgemont High; produced in 1982; takes place same time Ferris Bueller's Day Off; produced in 2000; takes place same time Finding Forrester; produced in 2000; takes place same time Freedom Writers' Diary; produced in 2007; takes place in 1999 Goodbye, Mr.

What If You Could Rewrite a Classic?

Here's your chance to give Romeo & Juliet a happy ending by entering the Humanities Montana Festival of the Book "Happy Tales" literary contest. "Contest rules: take any literary work with a sad, disturbing, or negative ending and supply a happy, affirmative, uplifting, humorous ending. The new ending must more or less parody the idiom, style, atmosphere, and so on, of the original. Entries will be judged on the bases of humor, insight, and quality of parody."

Summer Reading at Canton Public Library Off to Record Start

Staff checked out books, CDs and DVDs at record pace on Monday as the Canton Public Library set a new one-day circulation record....

June 2008 Lunch & a Book

Truth and Beauty: A Friendship by Ann Patchett (Large Print) The author of Bel Canto describes her intimate 20-year friendship with the late Lucy Grealy, tracing their introduction at a writer's workshop, the integral part their friendship played in their writing careers, and her witness to Grealy's medical deterioration.

Summer Blood Shortages Spur Canton Public Library Blood Drive

The Red Cross Blood Mobile will be at the Canton Public Library on Friday, June 20, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Appointments are....

Meeting Minutes -- June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008
7:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, James Gillig, at 7:30 p.m.

Present: J. Fausone, J. Gillig, G. Snow, C. Young, C. Van Auken, N. Williams


Also Present: E. Davis, S. Rzetelny


No Comments. (A. Heidemann, Don Turner, Michael Siegrist, Eric Hess)


The agenda was approved as presented.

A Playlist for Graduation

Besides Pomp and Circumstance, here's a list of songs you may remember on your graduation day: A Moment Like This Here's to the Night Celebration Unwritten Changes Good Riddance Goodbye I'm Moving On I Will Remember You Don't Forget to Remember Me

Recreational Trail to open this weekend

The Lower Rouge River Recreational Trail is set to open this weekend, a date that coincides with the Rouge Rescue Day. A 2.5 mile section of the trail, beginning at Haggerty Road and ending at Sheldon, is the first completed portion. Plans to extend it all the way to the I-275 bike path in one direction and Canton Center Road in the other direction are underway. The trail is open to joggers, walkers and bicyclists. No motorized vehicles allowed. There are also mountain bike paths cut into the trail to form a 3-mile course. The trail access point is off of Morton Taylor Road just north of Michigan Avenue. Our own Eva Davis will be on-hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Summer Library Programs Promise Prizes and Fun

Can a trip to the Canton Public Library earn you a PlayStation3? It can if you are....

ValueLine Database

The Value Line Research Center database includes on-line access to Value Line's leading publications covering stocks, mutual funds, options and convertible securities as well as special situation stocks. You can access this from any computers in the library or from home.