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Don't Forget to Vote May 8

Communities in all 83 Michigan counties are holding elections next Tuesday and Plymouth-Canton is one of them. Although the school year is winding down for the summer, decisions now will affect the next school year and beyond. The Canton Community link directs voters to their polling locations. Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m.

Feeling Lucky?

Yesterday we unveiled a brand new collection, it's called Lucky Day, this is how it works. We've placed extra copies of our most popular new books and DVD's on the shelf for lucky patrons to check out. These items have shortened loan periods and cannot be placed on hold. If they're in when you're in, it's your lucky day! Look for the neon green shamrock stickers and "get lucky"!

Internet Medical Information May Be Bad for Your Health

No big surprise but... "A Central Michigan University professor and library official are being honored for their study that found that some rely on the Internet for medical information in a way that's bad for their health."

Connections Newsletter - May/Jun 2007

Our bimonthly newsletter, Connections, is now available online as a pdf file (attached below).

CQ Public Affairs Collection


Are you writing a term paper and need a good source for information? Try the CQ Public Affairs Collection! It's an excellent source for an array of current affairs topics including government, health, law, science, and education. In addition to in-depth reporting, it also has historical documents, legislative decisions and case summaries. Extensive bibliographies, in several formats including APA, Chicago and MLA, make it easy to cite. There is even an image gallery with hundreds of photos and images. For further information on this or any of our databases, be sure to ask a reference librarian.

The Brothers Grimm: The Bremen Town Musicians, illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger

This book begins to capture the reader with a classic layout: framed text on a white background on the left page, and white-framed illustrations on the right page. This gives the book the feel of a family favorite that has been passed down through the generations, just as this story itself has been. The animals, as ever, have all outlived their usefulness and are running away from home in order to avoid being killed. The subdued, sophisticated watercolor illustrations perfectly capture their elderly worldweariness (the dog's mournful eyes are enough to make you tear up) and temper the gravity of their situations.

What the heck is RSS?

Have you heard of RSS? You may have heard that it's a great way to save time and that it's easy to use, but do you know how to make it work for you? This video is a great, clear explanation of how to use RSS. You can even use RSS to subscribe to this blog: Cut and paste this: into your feed reader and subscribe!

Nancy who?

We offer monthly reading recommendations from Nancy Pearl on our Books & Reading page. Click on Pearl's Pick's for her May choices. The New York Times calls Nancy Pearl "the talk of librarian circles." Readers can't get enough of her recommendations while bookstores and libraries offer standing room only whenever she visits. Since the release of the best-selling Book Lust in 2003 and the Librarian Action Figure modeled in her likeness, Nancy Pearl has become a rock star among readers and the tastemaker people turn to when deciding what to read next. In 2005, Pearl followed with More Book Lust, the ultimate companion to her highly acclaimed original.

Library events for week of April 30

There's a whole bunch of stuff happening this week at the CPL. Check the Calendar Page to see it all. One sure hit program is "Learn How to Get Published" with Bobbie Jones, freelance writer and columnist for the Observer. It's Thursday, May 3 at 7 p.m. It's a great opportunity for all aspiring writers to learn some avenues for getting your work published. Register by calling 734-397-0999. Another new and useful program is Digital Cameras for Beginners on Saturday, May 5 at 9:30 a.m. Learn to make the most of your digital camera and digital photo editing, uploading and emailing photos and more. Register online.

Canton Village Grill

A new restaurant has opened up in Canton! The Canton Village Grill is open daily for dinner with a full selection of wine & spirits. Located at 44314 Cherry Hill Road, the Canton Village Grill offers a smoke free environment and WiFi is also available. They are listed in Everything Canton along with 63 other restaurants to tempt your taste buds.

Falling Upwards

Lately I haven't been able to find a romance I really enjoy. I keep checking them out and bringing them back with only a few pages read. But I think my dry spell may be over! I'm reading the paranormal romance Falling Upwards by Kassandra Sims and it's really grabbed my attention. Sims gives classic legends a twist--like sea deities with board shorts and surfer dude lingo--to make her own unique neverneverland.

Music Teacher

Seattle teacher, Andrea Peterson, was honored on Thursday as national teacher of the year. Peterson is only the second music teacher to receive the award in the 57 years it has been given by the Council of Chief State School Officers. Peterson, 33, has taught in the district for 10 years and works at Monte Cristo Elementary School in the small northwest Washington community of Granite Falls. When she landed her first teaching job, she faced the daunting task of creating a music program with almost no money for supplies in a climate where music was seen as just providing a break for students and teachers. Peterson will spend the next year out of the classroom, serving as a teacher advocate.

Find your daemon

Fans of The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman, click above to find your own daemon. The movie version of this well-loved fantasy will be released in December 2007.

Having Fun with the Fuzz and the Agents

There are a few movies opening this weekend but none of them look as fun or hilarious as the one that I saw last weekend, "Hot Fuzz".I had been waiting all year to see "Hot Fuzz" and it was worth the wait. It easily could be the best comedy of 2007 For those of you who don't know, "Hot Fuzz" is an action-comedy homage to the over the top action cop genre of movies. It's a British film from the makers of "Shaun of the Dead" and it's just as funny if not better.

In the Frame: Ansel Adams, April 28

In the Frame: Exploring the DIA, is produced by Detroit Public TV, in cooperation with the Detroit Institute of Arts. The 30-minute program, which airs each Saturday at 5:30 p.m., is hosted by DIA Director Graham Beal and taped on location at the museum. This week the work of celebrated photographer, Ansel Adams, is featured.

What a tragic loss!


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam was killed in a car accident a few days ago. Newspapers all over the country have written up about him. Boston Globe calls Halberstam "The best and the brightest of war reporters." San Francisco Chronicle Ireports that it will be another week and a half until police conclude who caused the three-car crash.

Knutterly Cute

Knut, the orphaned polar bear from the Berlin Zoo has garnered quite a bit of media attention recently. Click here to watch a fan-made video of this adorable young polar bear, complete with German sing-along song.

Michigan Reads: Big Chickens,1607,7-160-17447_26038---,00.html

Michigan Reads is the One State, One Children's Book Program, "highlighting the importance of early childhood literacy by focusing on a picture book by a Michigan author." This year's title has just been announced: Big Chickens written by Leslie Helakoski and illustrated by Henry Cole. This hilarious book tells the story of a group of chickens who go a little cuckoo trying to avoid a not-so-scary wolf.

reading with a soundtrack

Some books have a cinematic feel - you can almost hear the soundtrack while you're reading. Very few books have an actual soundtrack, but Fat Kid Rules the World by K.L. Going is one that does. Going says: I didn't know a lot about punk before I wrote Fat Kid. My discovery of it was partly what sparked the idea for the novel. I was like, hey this is so cool I need to write about it! 1) The Stooges - Search and Destroy 2) The Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant 3) The Ramones - Outsider 4) The Buzzcocks - What do I Get?