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spammy Queckup masquerades as social software

Like many other people, I got fooled! I received an invite to a new social networking service called Queckup - the invite was from a tech-savvy friend who usually only invites me to things I consider valuable, so I accepted. Little did I know that soon everyone in my address book would be spammed with messages that appear to be from me, inviting them to join this insidious so-called service. Now I'm making apologies and warning folks to beware - if you get an invite to join Queckup, just say no!

Connections Newsletter - Sep/Oct 2007

Our bimonthly newsletter, Connections, is now available online as a pdf file (attached below).

Dorm Room Decor

The new school year is right around the corner and this could be the last weekend to shop for dorm decor. If you haven't found everything your dorm room needs, try It has affordable dorm essentials to help make your college your new home!

Sunday Crafternoon

There's no shortage of things to do in the metro area this Sunday while the library is closed. One such neat thing is Sunday Crafternoon, held at the Woodward Avenue Brewers, 9 mile and Woodward Ave. in Detroit. Crafternoons are craft fairs held monthly, featuring a rotating cast of handpicked local artists, sponsored by Handmade Detroit.

Lists, glorious lists

Listography is a site devoted to - you guessed it - lists. You can sign up for a free account and make lists related to any old thing you want. Many of the lists are related to books and music, such as to read, have read, recommended by friends, and many others. Some folks have to-dos (I noticed "finish library books and return" on one), places they'd like to visit, even memories about particular good times or people they miss. Listography is a handy tool for making lists, but more than that, it's interesting to see what other people highlight on their lists.

Saluting the Heroes of the Fourth Estate

These Days with celebrity scandals popping up everywhere and tabloid journalism running rampant it's easy to forget how important journalism is to American society. Journalists have opened our eyes to hidden corruption and evil and daily they help us see our world in new ways that benefit everyone. I have a degree in journalism and a person I knew who had been a reporter and an all around good person passed away early today so I'm feeling particularly reflective. Here are a few books and films about Journalists who've made a difference in the world and inspired me: Good Night, and Good Luck: Many people have heard of and seen this film because of it's Academy Award nominations. If you have yet to see it you should.

Our Recycling Bin Overfloweth

We had a hunch recycling paper products would be popular with Canton residents but wow, we're overwhelmed. Our bin is crammed and it won't be emptied until September 5. If you're planning a trip to drop off recyclable paper, please try and wait until after then. If you just can't wait, drive by your neighborhood elementary school and see if it has a paper recycling bin. Most do.

Let the (video) games begin!

New circulation video games have just arrived. They loan for one week and come in popular formats for Xbox, PlayStation and GameCube. You'll find them on the shelf in the Teen Space. Look for more soon.

Bands In Town

With so many great venues within driving distance, it can be hard to keep up with what bands are playing nearby. BandsInTown is a new site designed to help you stay informed so you don't miss out on any great shows. BIT is a social networking site which allows you to customize your own page with all your favorites and to connect, if you wish, with other fans in your area. I just signed up and found that one of my favorites, Brand New, will be playing at the Fillmore on my birthday!

The Freshman 15

Busy schedules, stress, all-nighters. The first year of college can take its toll in many ways and one noticable change is on the scale. Everyone is susceptible to gaining weight so this article on Yahoo has some helpful advice such as doing yoga, skipping that pizza party, and drinking green tea.

Labor Day Weekend Library Hours

In observance of the Labor Day weekend, the Canton Public Library will be closed on Sunday, September 2 and Monday, September 3. You can still use databases and access your account online to renew books at our Internet Branch,

Is Your School Hot?

With everything to consider when choosing a college, read the special report in this week's Newsweek for a fresh perspective of the newest trends. No number crunching here. Just a colorful snapshot of today's most interesting schools.

The Art of Revenge

Revenge. It's usually not a pleasant thing but it sure is interesting. Throughout the years Vengeance has served as a prominent and compelling theme in films and literature. Here's a few: Point Blank: This 1967 film is an adaptation of the classic Richard Stark novel "The Hunter" (the Mel Gibson film Payback was also an adaptation of the Hunter) which introduced the world to his hard edged thief Parker. In Point Blank, Lee Marvin plays ,Walker, a ruthless thief on a relentless quest for revenge against his ex-partner who ripped him off, shot him in the back and left him for dead. Parker's search for revenge puts him up against his partner's new employers a large crime syndicate called The Organization.

Teacher Back on Earth

Barbara Morgan, the teacher-astronaut, returned with the crew of Endeavour, back to Earth after Tuesday's landing in Florida. After her 13-day mission, she's still feeling the effects of weightlessness and readjusting the Earth's gravity. The flight was cut short by a day out of concerns about Hurricane Dean, but Ms. Morgan was grateful for the time they got in space.

Fairy Houses

Have you noticed something new around the library grounds? Thanks to the creative children who attended our Fairy House program, we are now host to a variety of abodes designed especially for wee folk. Check out the photos on Flickr, and don't miss seeing these works of art in real life!

new Canton Farmers Market

A brand new farmers market kicks off this weekend, from 10-2 on Sunday the 26th. This year's market will run through October 21st and the organizers hope to make it an annual all-summer offering. As a fan of local food, I am thrilled!

America's Best Colleges 2008

Find out how your favorite school ranked among the best in the nation. Both public and private schools are included in the list. For many families, the U.S. News rankings provide an excellent starting point because they offer the opportunity to judge the relative quality of institutions based on widely accepted indicators of excellence.

Great Lakes Myth Society

The latest CD from this Ann Arbor-based group is Compass Rose Bouquet, and on first listen it sounds a bit more commercial and easily accessible than the previous release (the pleasant but quirky Great Lakes Myth Society, from 2005). This indie band can rock when it wants to, but seems very content to be an eccentric contributor to the "Quiet Core" movement. Both CDs include tunes that are obviously about Michigan ("Marquette County 1959," for example). For more information, check out the band's Website.

See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign

An interesting article from Wired magazine, and another reason to view Wikipedia entries with caution.