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POW museum on wheels to visit Canton

Get a first-hand look at the life of American prisoners of war in Nazi Germany as the mobile exhibit "Behind Barbed Wire" rolls into Canton on Monday, May 19. Housed in a coverted school bus, this rolling BUS-eum will be on display at the clock tower just west of the library from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Admission is free. There is also a reception and special book sale in the library's Community Room. The BUS-eum is sponsored by the Canton Veteran's Memorial Association.

First Lady and Daughter Jenna collaborate as Authors

Long before she became First Lady, Laura Bush was a librarian; for two years during her tenure as First Daughter, Jenna Bush worked as a schoolteacher. So naturally their first collaboration as authors-Read All About It!-is a children's book set in a library.

Now Taking Teen Volunteer Applications!

If you are a teen grade 7th-12th and looking for a summer volunteer opportunity, look no further! We need volunteers to help us with all kinds of tasks. For more information and an application click the link below!

2008 National Teacher of the Year

In the Rose Garden at the White House, President Bush announced this year's winner of the National Teacher of the Year. Michael Geisen, is a middle school teacher from Prineville, Oregon. Every year, nominations are made by students, teachers and principals at school all over the nation for State Teacher of the Year. The profiles of those winners from all 50 states are submitted to a selection committee who choose a winner amongst 4 finalists (the Michigan Teacher of the Year, June Teisan, was one of the final 4). That winner is presented the National Teacher of the Year award by the President of the United States.


That's the name of a new Barenaked Ladies album, full of whimsical, nonsensical songs for kids (and kids at heart). How can you not like a band that throws "Gordie Howe" into one of its songs ("7 8 9")? Favorites include "Crazy ABCs" and "Raisins." Awhile ago, Sarah submitted a Fave Five list called Family Friendly Tunes That Won't Drive Parents Crazy. The Barenaked Ladies' Snacktime could be a nice supplement to that list. But be careful, you might find it more fun at times than the kids.

Listen to Contemporary Authors Read Their Own Books!

Each week, NPR presents leading contemporary authors of both fiction and nonfiction as they read from, and discuss, their current work. Visit their website to check out NPR's Book Tour podcast. You can even subscribe to it and receive it weekly. This week's author is Jhumpa Lahiri. She reads from her new book Unaccustomed Earth.

Eco Trends

The May/June issue of Trend Briefing focuses on Eco-trends that will bring in the green. If you want to stay on the cutting edge of this movement, check out their free online brief .

50 Best Cult Books

The British newspaper THE TELEGRAPH recently released their list of the 50 best cult books. They attempted to define a cult book: "What is a cult book? We tried and failed to arrive at a definition: books often found in the pockets of murderers; books that you take very seriously when you are 17; books whose readers can be identified to all with the formula " whacko"; books our children just won't get? " How many of these titles have you read?

POW Museum Rolls Into Canton as Part of Midwest Tour

Get a first-hand look at the life of American prisoners of war in Nazi Germany as the mobile exhibit Behind Barbed Wire....

Connections Newsletter - May/Jun 2008

Our bimonthly newsletter, Connections, is now available online as a pdf file (attached below).

Thinking Green but not sure where to start?

In the effort to become greener and help you become greener we have added a slew of new green titles to the collection. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our Living Green resources or simply do a subject search in the catalog with search terms such as "green movement", "environmental responsibility", "natural products" or "sustainable living".

Special Channel 7 Town Hall on Education and the Economy

Tune in Wednesday night at 8p-9p on Channel 7 for a special town hall meeting on Higher Education and the New Economy. Speakers on the panel will be: state superintendent Michael Flanagan; Carol Gross, president and CEO of the Skillman Foundation; and Nancy Schlichting, president and CEO of the Henry Ford Health System.

Make your research a little easier and a little greener

Working at the library on a paper? Sometimes working on a paper can involve a lot of print costs and paper waste. When you work on your next paper, keep in mind that many of the databases at Canton Public Library allow you to email the articles to yourself. You can read them at your leisure at home or anywhere you have an Internet connection. WilsonSelect Plus is just one of the databases that provides this handy feature. Simply click into the article that you want, then click on the email icon in the upper right corner of the article and fill out the appropriate information. Of course, if you have an orange Canton Public Library Card you can also access WilsonSelectPlus and many of our other databases from home.

A Walk to Remember

In the next 2 weeks, Michigan's 15 public universities will award degrees at commencements for the graduating class of 2008. Preparing for these monumental ceremonies can be stressful as the big day approaches. It's a transitional time for students adjusting from studying for exams and cleaning out dorm rooms to finding a place of their own and starting their careers. As you walk across the stage to get that degree you've worked so hard to earn, remember this moment and congratulations.

What will you do for Earth Day/

If you're looking for ideas or wondering what other people are doing, check out the Google Earth Day site. You can check out what others are doing and add your own plans as well. Here at CPL, we're replacing two of our aged HVAC units with new, more efficient ones, which will save both energy and money.

Teen-Friendly SAT advice

In Sunday's USA Weekend ParentSmart section, contributor Ann Pleshette Murphy provided some useful tips for teens taking the SAT tests. Flocabulary is a site of hip-hop songs whose lyrics are commonly seen words on the SAT test. Kaplan SAT Prep 2008 is an interactive game for news iPods and look for the book, Up Your Score: the Underground Guide to the SAT to be published in July.

HVAC replacement gets another go

Due to frost laws, our planned HVAC work had to be postponed. It's now scheduled for Tuesday, April 22. During the work, certain sections of the library will be closed to staff and patrons. We anticipate all work to be completed by 5 p.m. If you have any questions, check our website for updates or call the library at 734-397-0999.

Help with ACT , SAT , or TOEFL is Just a Click Away

Getting ready to take the SAT? The ACT? TOEFL? And all the library's workbooks are checked out? Then you need LearningExpress Library aka LearnATest! It offers interactive online learning with practice tests and tutorial course series designed to help students and adult learners succeed on the academic or licensing tests they must pass. You'll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results. You can use Learn-a-Test at the library or, if you are a Canton Public Library cardholder, at home.

What Do I Read Next?;jsessionid=EED1096ECDCAC1A7F61DF128E081563B?locID=lom_cantonpl

4/21/08 Have you tried the electronic resources (i.e. databases) available at the Canton Public Library lately. No? Then take a look at WHAT DO I READ NEXT? Every month they highlight books that include seasonal favorites, award winning titles, and lots of bookmarks.