June 27

Are you loving the new Harry Potter game? Need a review of the creatures and characters of the Wizarding World? Check out these materials today and don't tell the muggles.

Nearly every week we add great new eBooks to OverDrive. Here are just a few of our new titles.

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June 26


If you enjoyed reading about Molly McIntire, the American Girl character from Illinois in 1944, and her adventures at summer camp, you might enjoy these other books about camping, World War II, and other fun topics.


Secrets from the sleeping bag by Rose (Barbara Rose) Cooper

During four weeks of summer camp Sofia Becker writes all the juciest information in her notebook, so she can continue her blog when she returns home.

The Chairperson, Amy Watts, called the meeting to order at 7:36 PM.

Present:           N. Eggenberger, J. Pandit, D. Turner, A. Watts

Absent:            M. Farell, J. Lee

Also Present:  E. Davis, K. Gladden

  • CALL TO AUDIENCE  (L. Golden, D. Huntzicker, D. McHugh, M. Nicholson, R. Noble, J. Parij, C. Paul, S. Sharma, N. Szczepanski) – None       

The agenda was approved as amended by unanimous consent.


The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

  • COMMUNICATIONS — A Thank You card from WDET News Director Jerome Vaughn, in appreciation for the library’s participation in the station’s Crossing the Line program, was circulated to the board members.

    Packets for 62 Days of Summer were given to each of the board members.


    The library is 41% through the year. Income is trending higher due to monies received under
    Miscellaneous and Contributions; this will be reconciled when the income is recognized in the 
    2nd Quarter Budget Amendment in July.  Some expenditures continue to trend higher: Fringe
    Benefits, due to the MERS lump sum payment that was made early in the year; Insurance
    and Professional & Contractual, due to contracts, licensing fees and insurance premiums  
    having to be paid in the first quarter; Building Improvements, due to construction projects. All 
    of these areas will fall in line as the year progresses.

  • TRUSTEE COMMENTS — Vice Chair Nancy Eggenberger requested further explication regarding the vending commission trends which had been mentioned in the May board meeting minutes.
    • 2019-2020 Healthcare Plan Contract Options Presentation — Dave Huntzicker and Clay Paul of Kapnick Insurance Group reviewed the changes to the renewal plan for Healthy Blue Living HMO Platinum 500, and the costs to the library and to covered employees under either the hard cap or the 80/20 employee cost-sharing method for medical premiums, per Michigan Public Act 152.
    • 2020 Budget Discussion (Expenditures)
      • Capital Replacement Schedule & ENGIE Services Contract — The board reviewed both the Engie pricing breakout sheet and Building Manager Jim Laffey’s mechanical quotes for individual projects.

           Trustee Don Turner moved and N. Eggenberger supported a motion to authorize
           Director Eva Davis to enter into a project management contract agreement with Engie 

           The motion passed unanimously 19/6-20-1.

    • Approve 2019-2020 Healthcare Plan Contract — N. Eggenberger moved and D. Turner supported a motion to approve the renewal of the Healthy Blue Living HMO Platinum 500 healthcare plan for 2019-2020.

The motion passed unanimously 19/6-20-2.

  •  Approve Employee Cost-Sharing Method for Medical Premiums as Outlined by Michigan Public Act 152 (Publicly Funded Health Insurance Act) — D. Turner moved and Secretary/Treasurer Jane Pandit supported a motion to approve the hard cap as the employee cost-sharing method for medical premiums for the August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020 contract year, in compliance with Michigan Public Act 152.

   The motion passed unanimously 19/6-20-3.

  • 2020 Budget Discussion (Expenditures) 
    • Millage Rate — The maximum rate that can be levied for 2020 is 1.4851 mills; there was a millage fraction reduction as a result of the rise in property tax values in the township and the strictures of the Headlee Amendment.  Davis recommended that the board levy the maximum rate in the 2020 budget.
    • Property Tax Collection Rate — Davis stated that, while she would like to remain conservative in her projections for the property tax collection rate in 2020, she felt comfortable, based on actual collection rates from the last few years, in budgeting based on a projected 99% collection rate.

       The board directed Davis and Business Services Department Head Marian Nicholson to
       use the library recommendation for the millage rate and property tax collection rate when 
       preparing the first draft budget for the July meeting.

       D. Turner reminded Davis that the board would like to see a cover sheet of all board  
       directions that had impacted the proposed budget when she brings it to the board in July.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:43 PM.  

June 25

These new middle-grade books are so good, we want to get up and dance! Enjoy one or more of these titles that are so good, you might want to read them twice. Check these out now before the word gets out! 

Pie in the Sky by Remy Lai

When Jingwen moves to a new country, he feels like he's landed on Mars. School is torture, making friends is impossible since he doesn't speak English, and he's often stuck looking after his (extremely irritating) little brother, Yanghao.

To distract himself from the loneliness, Jingwen daydreams about making all the cakes on the menu of Pie in the Sky, the bakery his father had planned to open before he unexpectedly passed away. The only problem is his mother has laid down one major rule: the brothers are not to use the oven while she's at work. As Jingwen and Yanghao bake elaborate cakes, they'll have to cook up elaborate excuses to keep the cake making a secret from Mama.

In her hilarious, moving middle-grade debut, Remy Lai delivers a scrumptious combination of vibrant graphic art and pitch-perfect writing that will appeal to fans of Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham's Real Friends, Kelly Yang's Front Desk, and Jerry Craft's New Kid.

Shouting at the rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
Also available in: audiobook

Delsie loves tracking the weather--lately, though, it seems the squalls are in her own life. She's always lived with her kindhearted Grammy, but now she's looking at their life with new eyes and wishing she could have a "regular family." Delsie observes other changes in the air, too--the most painful being a friend who's outgrown her. Luckily, she has neighbors with strong shoulders to support her, and Ronan, a new friend who is caring and courageous but also troubled by the losses he's endured. As Ronan and Delsie traipse around Cape Cod on their adventures, they both learn what it means to be angry versus sad, broken versus whole, and abandoned versus loved. And that, together, they can weather any storm. For fans of Fish in a Tree and Wonder

Michigan's Haunted Lighthouses

Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state, with more than 120 dotting its expansive Great Lakes shoreline. Many of these lighthouses lay claim to haunted happenings. Former keepers like the cigar-smoking Captain Townshend at Seul Choix Point and prankster John Herman at Waugoshance Shoal near Mackinaw City maintain their watch long after death ended their duties. At White River Light Station in Whitehall, Sarah Robinson still keeps a clean and tidy house, and a mysterious young girl at the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse seeks out other children and female companions. Countless spirits remain between Whitefish Point and Point Iroquois in an area well known for its many tragic shipwrecks. Join author and Promote Michigan founder Dianna Stampfler as she recounts the tales from Michigan’s ghostly beacons.

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