July 13

The NASA New Horizons probe was launched January 19, 2006. After several years, it reached Pluto and spent the summer of 2015 studying the dwarf planet at a distance closer than any spacecraft before. The probe traveled closest to Pluto on July 14, 2015 and continued on to study more of the Kuiper Belt. Learn more about the far reaches of our solar system with these resources.

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July 12

Staff member dressed as a creeper from Minecraft

Join us July 15 - 21 as we celebrate Library Spirit Week! We encourage you to earn a light blue 62 Days of Summer pom-pom by dressing up with us for the following days and themes:

  • Monday, July 15: Michigan / Hometown Pride
  • Tuesday, July 16: Pet Pride / Animal Prints
  • Wednesday, July 17: Favorite Fandom
  • Thursday, July 18: Black Tie / Fancy Dress
  • Friday, July 19: School Colors
  • Saturday, July 20: Best Space Gear
  • Sunday, July 21: Stripes / Polka Dots

Our new Sensory Storytime Kits are here and ready to go! We designed them to make storytimes at home more enjoyable and accessible for young children of all abilities! Each multisensory kit has an engaging story with an accompanying CD, a sensory-friendly toy and manipulative especially helpful for visual or tactile little learners who may be on the Autism Spectrum or have other developmental delays. You can find our new Sensory Storytime Kits located in the Children's Library. Check one out today!

The pout-pout fish believes he only knows how to frown. Although many of his friends suggest otherwise, he believes he has no choice but to be glum, until one day a new fish changes his mind with a kiss.

     On July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr met in Weehawken, New Jersey at dawn to settle their personal, professional, and political differences in a duel. The rest is history. It is also now a hit Broadway musical! If you would like to learn more about Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the most famous duel in American history, check out these books:


For almost two centuries, historians have had difficulty explaining the extraordinary duel in July 1804 that killed Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first Secretary of the Treasury, and ended Vice President Aaron Burr's political career. It was well known that Hamilton disliked Burr -- perhaps out of a protective fear of losing his own power and influence, or perhaps, according to another theory, because of jealousy over the attentions of one or more women. When Burr finally threw down his challenge, it followed more than a dozen years of difficult relations and political strife, culminating a few months earlier with Burr's defeat in the race for the governorship of New York, a defeat he attributed to Hamilton's machinations. But why a duel? In A Fatal Friendship, the distinguished political scientist and writer Arnold Rogow demonstrates for the first time that the roots of the fatal encounter lay not in Burr's (admittedly flawed) political or private conduct, but rather in Hamilton's conflicted history and character. With his detailed archival research, his close (and unprecedented) examination of the friendship between the two heroic figures, and his bold, imaginative writing, Rogow has written a brilliant new book that will change forever our understanding of honor, politics, and friendship in the early American republic.

     In curiously parallel lives, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were both orphaned at an early age. Both were brilliant students who attended college--one at Princeton, the other at Columbia--and studied law. Both were young staff officers under General George Washington, and both became war heroes. Politics beckoned them, and each served in the newly formed government of the fledgling nation. Why, then, did these two face each other at dawn in a duel that ended with death for one and harsh criticism for the other?

     Judith St. George's lively biography, told in alternating chapters, brings to life two complex men who played major roles in the formation of the United States.

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July 11

On July 11, 1804 former Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and Vice-President Aaron Burr, fought a pistol duel at Weehawken, New Jersey. The culmination of long-standing personal bitterness between the two men, the duel resulted in Hamilton's death, and the end of Burr's political career. This year marks the 215th anniversary of that shocking event.

July 10