Saturday, September 21 is annual Batman Day. To celebrate 80 years of the iconic caped crusader, we’ll have free Batman comics all day long (get one while supplies last).

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     In their latest batch of updates, Merriam-Webster has added 533 new words and new meanings to their dictionary. Are you familiar with all of them? Well, don't worry, because the Library has you covered. Check out some of these new words and meanings and the resources we have for you to learn about them:

  • Colorism: prejudice or discrimination especially within a racial or ethnic group favoring people with lighter skin over those with darker skin.

Weaving together personal stories, history, and analysis, Same Family, Different Colors explores the myriad ways skin-color politics affect family dynamics in the United States.
Colorism and color bias - the preference for or presumed superiority of people based on the color of their skin - is a pervasive and damaging but rarely openly discussed phenomenon. In this unprecedented book, Lori L. Tharps explores the issue in African American, Latino, Asian American, and mixed-race families and communities by weaving together personal stories, history, and analysis. The result is a compelling portrait of the myriad ways skin-color politics affect family dynamics in the United States.
Tharps, the mother of three mixed-race children with three distinct skin colors, uses her own family as a starting point to investigate how skin-color difference is dealt with. Her journey takes her across the country and into the lives of dozens of diverse individuals, all of whom have grappled with skin-color politics and speak candidly about experiences that sometimes scarred them. From a Latina woman who was told she couldn't be in her best friend's wedding photos because her dark skin would "spoil" the pictures, to a light-skinned African American man who spent his entire childhood "trying to be Black," Tharps illuminates the complex and multifaceted ways that colorism affects our self-esteem and shapes our lives and relationships. Along with intimate and revealing stories, Tharps adds a historical overview and a contemporary cultural critique to contextualize how various communities and individuals navigate skin-color politics.

Check out these new titles recently added to the Library's Biography shelves.

All the powers of Earth by 1948- Sidney Blumenthal

Music is great for setting a mood or recreating a feeling.  So, put on your vintage 'Coca Cola' shirt and acid washed jeans and remember (or discover) how 1988 felt with a walk through that year's most popular songs.  You can hear it on Spotify as Time Capsule:1988.  


Remember creating mixtapes for that someone special? Putting together the perfect collection of songs on a cassette required patience, skill and dedication! You didn’t have a limitless archive of songs at your disposal, just whatever you heard on the radio or purchased at your local record store. Flashback with this collection of songs of the 80s and get reminiscing.

The Canton Public Library wants to help you have fun this autumn. Our Experience to Go Kits are designed to give you entertaining and informational experiences to help you enjoy your fall to the fullest. Indoors and out, we've got great ideas for you and your family to explore!

From October 1st until the end of December, we will have the following kits:

  • Autumn Adventure: Have fun with the included camera lens and binoculars while getting some time in walking in the fall wonderland using the included trails book, or visit an old favorite that draws you in.
  • Card-making Party: Explore your creativity and celebrate others! Gather your friends and loved ones to create cards that will inspire kindness and brighten days.
  • Family History: Use the Family Gathering game as a conversation starter to share memories across the generations, then dig into the research with the guide and charts provided.
  • Ghost Hunting: Explore local and Michigan legends as you ghost hunt in your own back yard.
  • Totally Tubular 80's: Test your skill with Trivial Pursuit Totally 80's, or a mini-arcade game. Then kick back with some awesome crafts while watching a classic 80's movie.

When Noor returns to her native Iran for the first time in thirty years, with her very American daughter, Lily, so much about her homeland is different. But Café Leila -- the restaurant Noor's family has run for three generations -- hasn't changed. A neighborhood café in Tehran is at the center of this powerful and transporting story of love, family, friendship, and homecoming told against the backdrop of Iran's rich, yet tragic, history. CPL's Lunch and a Book Group gave this title 4 stars out of 5. This kit contains 10 copies of the title.

Kermit Versus Thorndyke Smackdown


Hey Kids,

Ever wondered whether a mosquito could take on a great white shark? Me neither. But now that you're thinking about it, how do a mosquito and a great white match up? If you're curious about this and other animal matchups, check out some of the books below. 

Bear Hugs,


This title has lots of different matchups, if you just can't make a choice.


Did you miss our Tiger Storytime this week? Don't worry, here's what you missed, plus a few more suggestions so you can create your own big cat storytime at home, complete with songs and stories.

Don't need a full storytime? Borrow a rhyme when you need a short distraction, or check out these materials and spend a few minutes reading together.

From Storytime

Striped stalkers : at risk! by Felicia Macheske
Also available in: e-book

Young children are natural problem solvers and always looking for answers, especially when it involves animals. Using the photos and text, readers rely on visual literacy skills, reading, and reasoning as they solve the animal mystery. Find more animal guessing games in the Guess What series.