In the late 1960s, after serving in the Air Force during the Korean War and writing copy for a marketing firm, Clive Cussler decided to try his hand at writing fiction. His debut novel, The Mediterranean Caper, was published in 1973 and introduced leading man Dirk Pitt to the world. This started a writing career that lasted up to present day. While Cussler is no longer with us, he has left behind decades of stories to keep the adventure alive.

Valhalla rising by Clive Cussler
Raise the Titanic! by Clive Cussler

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Katherine Johnson was a talented mathematician in a field dominated by white men.

After graduating high school at the age of 15 in the midst of the Great Depression, she earned a full scholarship to West Virginia State Institute's math department. Johnson briefly taught high school and then in 1940 was one of the first Black graduate students chosen to integrate West Virginia University.

In 1953 she began work as a research mathematician for what would become NASA. Katherine Johnson shattered barriers for all women, but particularly for Black women, earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015.

To celebrate the inspirational life of Katherine Johnson, check out the resources below or explore NASA's website. Learn about her and other amazing barrier-breaking mathematicians and scientists.

This is Johnson's autobiography, but there are many books to introduce readers to her life in the Children's Biography collection.

The Chairperson, Amy Watts, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Present:           N. Eggenberger, M. Farell, J. Lee, J. Pandit, D. Turner, A. Watts

Absent:            None

Also Present:  E. Davis, K. Gladden

  • CALL TO AUDIENCE   (L. Golden, D. McHugh, M. Nicholson, R. Noble, J. Parij, C. Spas, N. Szczepanski) – None        

The agenda was approved by unanimous consent.


The minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

  • COMMUNICATIONS — Director Eva Davis shared a “thank you” note from the Canton Goodfellows in appreciation of the library serving as a distribution point for the Goodfellows’ “No Child Without a Christmas” program application forms.
    • The financial reports showed the library 8% through the fiscal year. Income is trending high on Property Taxes, which were due on February 14; other income sources are at zero (State Aid, Penal Fines) as they are not traditionally received until later in the year.
    • On the expense side, Fringe Benefits are trending higher because payment for the full year has been made to MERS. Library Materials are higher because librarians are again ordering newly published items for their collections. Capital Outlay and Professional & Contractual are up because of a progress payment made to ENGIE Services for the Building Control System project, and advance payments made (airline flight bookings, hotel reservations) concerning the upcoming Public Library Association (PLA) conference in Nashville account for higher spending in Travel.
    • The annual State of the Township luncheon is on March 4; board trustees should let E. Davis know if they wish to attend.
  • TRUSTEE COMMENTS — Trustee Jasmine Lee asked if the board would consider requesting that additional information be included in the monthly board packet. She indicated that a graphic analysis of the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual monthly report, along with a similar report overlaid with the previous year’s data would be helpful to her, and possibly to any new board members in future, in interpreting possible trends in library spending. Accountant Debbie McHugh stated that she would investigate possible options within Quickbooks.
    • ​Review 2020 Board Agenda Planning Document — While several board trustees will be absent at upcoming meetings when 2021 budget components will be discussed, Trustee Don Turner urged that the board plans not be revised to accommodate individual circumstances. It was agreed to abide by the agenda planning document as originally presented in January.
    • 2021 Budget Discussion
      • MERS Pension —While MERS consistently alters their actuarially required contribution assumptions, Davis recommended that the library contribute $125,000 to the employee pension fund in 2021. This will keep the library on a continued path to 120% funding, which will hopefully be accomplished over a four-year period.
      • ​Library Materials — Davis recommended an increase in the materials budget to 15%. The majority of this increase would be dedicated to services and subscriptions (eBooks and download services like Kanopy and CloudLibrary), rather than to physical materials. She mentioned that, with an increase to 15%, the library would meet one of the primary standards that previously had precluded the library from achieving Excellent certification status in the State Library of Michigan’s Quality Services Audit Checklist (QSAC). (However, other requirements in the newly-revised standards may yet prevent the library from achieving the top certification status in 2020.)
    • 2019 Endowment Fund Campaign Review — Davis reviewed a chart depicting fund activity from 2015 through 2019. There was a mass bulk mailing postcard campaign in 2019; the fund showed an increase of $108,000 over 2018. D. Turner stated that he had previously indicated a preference for a report that split out principal, earnings and contributions to the Endowment Fund. Davis said that she would make notes to include such information in next year’s report.
    • Community Survey Result — Trustee Nancy Eggenberger said that the presentation by Cobalt Community Research was much more engaging than the one from the previous community survey. Community Relations Department Head Laurie Golden offered background on the origin of the survey question concerning culinary skill-building programs. Davis said that the percentage of non-users had increased since the last community survey; more outreach to new residents might be necessary. Library hours is another area that will be looked into, as well.
  • CALL TO AUDIENCE – Friends of the Library Claire Spas said that there had been a change in officers on the Friends board, and that the Secondhand Prose Used Bookstore is doing well.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:04 PM.  

2020 Canton Book Project

Is there a book you know and love? A title you find yourself recommending over and over again? Maybe it changed your life or your outlook. And maybe it could make a difference to someone else. Welcome to the 2020 Canton Book Project.

The Canton Book Project is your chance to share your love of reading by giving out books to people in this community who, for whatever reason, don't read for pleasure or own books.

Applications are now being accepted from those interested in being book givers. Book givers will have the opportunity to share the love of reading by distributing a book of their choice to other members of the community. Readers of all ages are encouraged to apply and books can be of any reading level.

Interested parties must have a valid library card on file and complete the online application below.  Applicants must identify their book of choice and explain in no more than 500 words:

  • Reasons for selecting the chosen title
  • Why they should be the one to give it out – Tell us how and why you want to spread your passion for this particular book.
  • Intended audience for their book of choice.

By applying to be a Canton Book Project book giver you agree, if selected, to:

  • Attend the Canton Book Project Reception and Distribution Night on April 22, 2020
  • Give out all of your books by May 31, 2020
  • Seek out those who don’t regularly read as recipients of your books
  • Allow your image and name to be used by the library for promotion about this program

Please fill out the application below, which is due by 9:00 PM on March 20.

Selected book givers will be notified by email.