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July 10, 2014 at CPL

The Ring of Steel Theatrical Swordplay

On July 10 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM, we will be welcoming The Ring of Steel to present their Introduction to Theatrical Sword play. Participants will be introduced to the safety procedures, underlying martial arts, and beginning techniques of swordplay for stage and film. This program is recommended for patrons 8 years old and up. No registration required.

Live Love Juice

Join Tiesha Becker from Beyond Blends Juices to learn about the health benefits of juicing. Enjoy a live demo and a sample or two. Thursday July 10 at 7:00 PM

Department Head Business Services

Due to a retirement, the Canton Public Library is seeking a Department Head of Business Services to oversee the library’s finance, human resources, and building services areas. The Business Services Department Head works under the Director and alongside the department heads of Circulation Services, Community Relations, Information Services, and Information Technology. This key position requires supervisory experience sufficient to provide management of the library’s accounting, human resources, and building and security staff. The successful candidate will demonstrate strategic thinking, long-range planning skills, confidentiality and discretion, excellence in service to internal and external customers, highly-skilled management of both people and projects, and the ability to work across departments to reach the library’s goals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
include the following; other duties as assigned.
As part of the management team, develops and interprets library policies and procedures appropriately, and is able to communicate them effectively to both staff and the public.
Recommends and proposes changes in library policies to the management team for approval by the Library Board, and plans implementation with other Department Heads.
Establishes and maintains effective and appropriate working relationships with colleagues, staff, the Library Director, and the public.
Manages the library’s document retention, including accurate maintenance of records for personnel, benefits, payroll, finance, banking, library contracts, supply, and capital inventory in compliance with library policies and applicable laws.
Demonstrates a high level of discretion in handling confidential Library matters.
Actively participates in long range planning, including strategic planning, development of objectives, translating library-wide initiatives into department-specific tasks, and coordinating departmental efforts with other Department Heads and also within the framework of the entire library.
Handles administrative responsibilities as assigned in the absence of the Library Director.
Represents the library by serving on committees, presenting to the Library Board, or attending/speaking at conferences at the regional, state, or national level as appropriate.
Monitors trends and best practices in society and the industry and recommends appropriate and innovative initiatives and/or changes for implementation at the library.
Manages the accountant to gather information from the Library Director and Department Heads to prepare the annual library budget and subsequent budget amendments for approval of the Library Board.
Manages the annual department budget in conjunction with the management team and the accountant, allocating expenditures, monitoring the budget, and approving purchase orders within those approved amounts and as authorized by the Library Director.
Oversees the accountant and accounting functions in the library’s accounting software, ensuring the accuracy of accounts payable and accounts receivable, the general ledger, bank reconciliations, and financial reports.
Manages the library’s investments according to applicable laws and the library’s financial policies.
Works closely with the accountant and office staff to prepare for the annual audit using generally accepted accounting principles and produces documentation as required during the audit process.
Prepares, manages, and coordinates contracts, bids, grants, RFPs/RFQs, and related documentation.
Oversees the library’s employee hiring, orientation and training programs, performance management, and terminations.
Responsible for human resources, payroll, and benefits management and compliance in accordance with local, state, and federal laws as well as the library’s policies.
Administers employee benefits through management of assigned office staff and collaboration with outside vendors and agencies.
Ensures the filing of required local, state, and federal regulatory reports accurately and in a timely fashion.
Encourages staff development and growth and fosters good employee morale through training, conferences, and workshops.
Develops, administers, and manages programs and initiatives for employee recruitment, retention, compensation, and benefits.
Manages document retention and maintains confidentiality of all library and personnel files and records in compliance with industry standards and local, state, and federal laws.
Responsible for the appropriate selection, training, management, scheduling, evaluation, and discipline of Business Services staff, including Security, Building, and Office staff.
Prioritizes Business Services workloads and manages workflow.
Adapts department procedures to reach patron satisfaction and workflow efficiency goals.
Manages relationships with the library’s professional and contractual services vendors.
Meets regularly with staff to track progress and development, culminating in annual performance evaluations.
Develops and implements new methods to improve the efficiency and operations of the department and the library as a whole.
Ensures the safety and security of the library building and grounds through management of the building and security staff. Coordinates building and security technical operations and initiatives with the Department Head of Information Technology as appropriate.
Assigns appropriate staff to work groups as department representatives as needed.
Manages departmental and library-wide statistics and submits statistics and reports to the Library Director, other Department Heads, or to external agencies as required.
Develops goals for individual staff in support of the library’s strategic plan.
Stays informed of library news and events via review of all forms of library communication: website, email, SharePoint, library newsletter and blog. Contributes content as appropriate.
Enforces library policies using a polite and professional approach.
Accepts special assignments or duties in support of the library’s goals and objectives.