About to Drop: Top YA Picks for Summer

These new YA books are getting all the hype—snatch one yourself or pop onto the hold list to be one of the first to read.

Books for Leo

Ruled by the sun, Leos are known to be generous, bossy, confident, and proud. The books on this list are bursting with Leo energy.

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Lights, drama, and romance (well, most of the time). Check out this list of first-rate manga dramas we have to offer.


Road Trip 101

Looking to get away? We can help! Check out these tips and resources for your next trip on the road or abroad.

Nerdy Stuff

Deadpool’s #@$%& Awesome List of Deadpool Stuff

Good ol’ Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool a.ka. me has put together a list of my most awesome stuff at CPL. You’re welcome.

Teen Voices

Teen Voices Review: "Sirens and Muses"

Ellie, a member of CPL's Teen Leadership Council, shares her thoughts about Antonia Angress's novel set during the Great Recession.

Teen Voices Artwork: Flower

Check out this intricate flower drawing by Iniya, from East Middle School.

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