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You'll definitely want to read these excellent e-books... and you might want to pay close attention to the first word of each title.

Books for Taurus

Dependable, stubborn, and down-to-earth—if you're a Taurus, you'll definitely identify with the characters and themes in these books.

Bubbles Virtual Pet

Recommended Lists

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Funny Manga

This list has a mix of subtle, dark, and slapstick humor if you're looking for something more lighthearted.


Bard to the Bone: 15 YA Shakespeare Retellings

From "The Lion King" to "She's the Man," you can't beat a reimagined Shakespeare story. Listen to these fresh takes on the bard's classics.

Nerdy Stuff

16 Years of "Braid"

In honor of the release of "Braid: Anniversary Edition," we dive into what made this game so special and why its legacy is important.

Teen Voices

Teen Voices Review: "Sirens and Muses"

Ellie, a member of CPL's Teen Leadership Council, shares her thoughts about Antonia Angress's novel set during the Great Recession.

Teen Voices Artwork: Flower

Check out this intricate flower drawing by Iniya, from East Middle School.

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