Reader Types

What Type of Reader Are You?

by  January 1, 2023

Romance Lover

You wander the romance aisles looking for your favorite tales of happily ever after and are never more happy than when you're rooting for the couple.

Nonfiction Junkie

Politics and biographies and travel, oh my!  You know right where to find the nonfiction books and thick books don't scare you.

All Things Audio Aficionado

What's more exciting than a new book?  A new book narrated by a fantastic author!  Plus, you've got several options at the library to access them. Win-win!

Holds Shelf Honey

There is nothing more exciting to you than when the books you've reserved are ready for pick-up. You don't even mind if they are all available at the same time.

Favorite Author Fanatic

You wait (im)patiently for your favorite author to publish a new book and are ready and waiting when they become available.

Science Fiction Geek

Whether it's a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away or a little closer to Earth, you are happiest when you're reading about space, time and all the possibilities in between.

New Book Nut

Browsing the new book selections is better than a candy store for you.  You love to see what's just arrived and we love to buy them for you.

E-book Enthusiast

Physical books are fantastic, but there is something about being able to reserve, read and rate books on your very own device.  Libby and hoopla are definitely your jam.

Mystery Maven

Cozy, noir, detective, psychological... are we speaking your language?  It's no mystery what you love and we have plenty to make you happy.

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