Library Calculator

Curious how much the services the library provides would cost if you had to pay for them directly? To find out, just enter the number of times you or your family use each service below then click Next to continue to the next page. The estimated retail value of each service will be calculated on the right, and the total value of your library use is shown on the last page.

After using the calculator to discover how much your library card is worth, try your hand at Library Card Bingo and find out how many different things you can do with your card. See if you can get five across, down or diagonally to get a bingo!

Looking for a paper copy of the bingo card? Click the bingo card above to open a printable PDF.

Some of your library card’s most valuable treasures are found in our databases and online resources, opens a new window. Preparing for a big purchase? Your card gives you access to an online version of Consumer Reports, opens a new window. Want to learn a language? You can use your card to sign up for Mango Languages, opens a new window, an app-based program with learning paths for over 70 different languages. Enjoy crafting? Creativebug, opens a new window has more than 1,000 art and craft video classes taught by design experts and artists. Explore our list of databases, opens a new window for dozens of other valuable resources you can access with your Canton Public Library card.

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