How long can I keep library materials?

The loan period depends on the type of material. Most materials will auto-renew, as long as no one else has a hold on the item.

Books borrowed through MeLCat have a loan period of 28 days. Due dates for your items can be found in your My CPL account. MeL books will auto-renew one time. Most audiovisual items borrowed through MeLCat have a loan period of 14 days; these are not renewable.

Item Type Item Limit Loan Period Holds


Book Discussion Kits - 60 days
Books, Large Print, Audiobooks, CDs, Nonfiction DVDs, TV Series - 21 days
Children's Kits - 21 days
Puppets - 21 days
DVDs - 7 days
eMedia: eBooks, eComics, eAudiobooks  (CPL cardholders only) (varies) 21 days
eMedia: Streaming Video (CPL cardholders only) (varies) 3 days -
Lucky Day Books/CDs 4 total Lucky Day items 7 days - -
Lucky Day DVDs 4 total Lucky Day items 3 Days - -
Low Vision Aids 1 21 days
Magazines (Back Issues) - 7 days
Comics - 7 days
Video Games 5 7 days

For items borrowed from outside Michigan, the lending library decides how long to loan the items, so the due dates may vary. These do not auto-renew. These will also show in your My CPL account, or give us a call at 734-397-0999 and we would be happy to look up your due date for you.