Vacation Plans?

Ahh, summertime and vacations. They go together like campfires and s'mores, shorts and flip flops, beaches and sunscreen. Before you drive up north, take a weekend getaway or make that epic road trip, be sure to stop by the Secondhand Prose used bookstore, run by the Friends of Canton Public Library.

Buy books, DVDs, music CDs, jigsaw puzzles and games for all ages at bargain prices (typically ranging from $.25 to $1 apiece). They come in handy, especially when a summer squall—or a scourge of pesky mosquitos at dusk—sends your troops scurrying indoors. Curl up with a good read on the hammock, or wind down with a 1,000-piece puzzle or movie with the family after a fun day in the sun. 

No need to worry about due dates or returning items to the library; these ones are yours to keep. Don't want to lug them around? Many resorts and some airports have "take one-leave one" libraries, so you can even leave the books you're done with behind for someone else to enjoy. That's a win-win! 

Power tip: Baby/toddler board books and most children's books from Secondhand Prose are just $.25. Why not pick up some extras to keep around the house for the kids and grandkids this summer, along with some to put in your travel bag?