Tips for Power Outages

In a world driven by technology, extreme weather can cut you off from what matters. If a storm leaves your home freezing, boiling or waterlogged, the library is here to help. We have a variety of things to offer during a power outage.

We have a dry, climate-controlled building that is open 72 hours a week. Let us help you escape whatever weather emergency you’re dealing with. CPL is a designated warming/cooling center in summer and winter months (during normal service hours).

If your power is out, you can use ours! There are plenty of places throughout the library you can use to keep your devices charged. Most of our chairs, tables and study carrels have electrical ports, and we also have several portable device chargers available upon request for use inside the library.

We’ll help you stay connected to the online world. We have free Wi-Fi throughout the building that you can use to report a power outage, keep up with work and school, or entertain yourself while you wait for your power to be restored. Our desktop computers are also available and connected to the internet.

We have places to spread out, settle down or meet up. Whether you need a quiet space to work, study or relax, we’ve got you covered. Throughout the library you can find comfortable chairs, work tables and even restaurant-style booths. We also have many options for meeting spaces (in-person or remote), including rooms designed specifically for groups, or for one to two people (available to the public on a first come, first served basis).

…And of course, we have many, many books. Our abundance of analog resources can prove especially helpful while you wait for your power to be restored, and friendly staff are available to help you find the perfect fiction and/or nonfiction read for you and your family.