The Sounds of Fall

One of the best things about living in Michigan is experiencing all four seasons. But fall is, by far, the best season of all. It’s filled with seeing all the colorful changing leaves, hearing the leaves crunch beneath our feet, breathing in the earthy fragrance of jack o’ lanterns on a cool, crisp evening night, and the deliciousness of fresh cider and donuts. Our senses are engaged by all the fall season has to offer. 

When we connect with nature, it has a way of easing our anxieties and helping us find our inner calm. Hearing the sounds of nature, whether we are waiting for sleep to take hold or in need of a moment to focus on mindfulness during our busy day, can help transport us to a more tranquil scene of a forest on a hiking trail as we enjoy the sounds of the natural world around us.

Nature has a way of connecting to us at our core. The healing power of nature, such as green spaces in a park or our backyard, has a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being: our blood pressure and heart rate slows, we breathe in more deeply, the tension in our muscles relax. Spending time in nature while listening to birdsongs or the wind blowing through the trees creates a feeling of peacefulness and recharges our minds.

Nature does a body good. Here are some links to free nature sounds you can connect to anytime and anywhere.

Free Nature Sounds for Your Laptop or Computer


Calmsound nature sounds are recorded in the highest quality, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature in all its glory. The website can be streamed or downloaded on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. A variety of sounds are available such as Camp Fire at Night, Strong Wind Blowing in the Trees, Bird Song, Rain Falling on a Window, Deep Arctic Wind Sounds and more.

Naturesounds TV

Naturesounds TV records landscape videos with ambient sounds and publishes them on social media platforms as well as music streaming services. All the videos on the website are recorded in northern regions of Norway and new videos are uploaded weekly. The many sounds available include River Sounds, Wind Sounds, Wolf Sounds, Wood Fire Burning, Driving on a Rainy Night and much more.

Ambient Mixer: Nature

Listen to free ambient sounds or mix your own. All kinds of nature sounds are available. Rain sounds to choose from vary from a soft drizzle to a steady rain. Venture into Autumn Forest to listen to bird calls and other wildlife. Fall Leaves, Evening Bonfire, Witching Hour, Haunted Camping Trip and At Night in the Wild are just some uniquely fall sounds.

A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is a website compilation of links to recordings of nature sounds to help wash away distractions. Listen to Wind in the Birch Trees, Crackling of Fire in a Fireplace, the North Sea in Denmark and Rain Late at Night. For deeper ambient sounds while you’re meditating, try the sublime Tibetan Singing Bowls. Links on the website directly take you to the FreeSound site. Just click the right arrow to play.

Free Nature Sound Apps for Your Phone

Wind Sounds

(download via Apple App Store or Google Play)

Relax as you listen to different wind and nature sounds as you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. The nature music app has the following wind sounds: wind lullaby, snowstorm soothing music, rain sounds, thunderstorm melody, and heavy rain sounds. 

Wildfulness 2 Nature Sounds 

(download via Apple App Store)

Combining mindfulness and wilderness, Wildfulness is an app with serene forest scenes, each with its own soothing nature soundscape of nature sounds and relaxing music. Experience woodland serenity from the palm of your hand and escape into the forest with Wildfulness 2. Discover hand-illustrated landscapes and unwind to soothing music and nature sounds to reduce stress, balance energy, and manage anxiety.


(download via Apple App Store and Google Play)

Naturespace delivers the highest quality audio available while giving your brain enough imagery and text to put you in the right frame of mind—without interfering with your own imagination. Reconnect with nature and soothe your mind with absolutely seamless loops for infinite uninterrupted listening, lush artwork, fantastic descriptions, and audio unlike anything else on the planet. Their catalog has expanded to over 120 different and unique natural spaces and events, and they continue to add new tracks.