Take Your Reading to a New Level This Summer

Summer is here and it's a great time to sit back, relax and catch up on your reading. Do you have a stack of books that you haven't been able to get to? Maybe you just want to try a book by an author you've never read before. Or, perhaps you're in a reading rut and would like some suggestions on what to read next. So, if recommendations are what you need, you're in luck! Give the following ideas a try and take your reading to a new level this summer. 

Read a National Book Award Winner. You can either read one from 2021 or from previous years

Got lots of time?  Read a really long book.

Pressed for time? Try a short story.

Enjoy mystery and mayhem? Try a new whodunit or one from a poisoned pen.  

Perhaps you're in the need for more space. You could try a new sci-fi or one specifically for fans of books about galaxies far, far away

Wish you could go back in time? These books do just that so give one a try.

Do you miss the art of letter writing? An epistolary novel may be just the book you need.

Wonder what was popular the decade you were born? Take a step back in time and read popular books of the decades

Want to explore new countries in the comfort of your own armchair? Read around the world with these books

Would you like a book recommendation from our staff?  Here are some top picks from 2021.